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XUVER is a self-service 3D communication platform to connect and engage with people in your own virtual space. Host meetings, tours, events, Showrooms, virtual support rooms, Online sales booth or just a smooth place for your customers or community to share thoughts and ideas. XUVER combines collaborative tools like chat, audio and video calls with the engaging power of forums, review sites and immersive experience of VR meetings and 3D tours into 1 immersive virtual experience.

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"XUVER aims to be the leading solution to make the digital world easily accesible and understandable for everyone while preserving our human needs and values for personal interaction."

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Our support team shows you, without any obligations, how you can collaborate with your client in your 3D model.


Create your virtual space
in just 1 minute!

XUVER works with any SketchUp, Archicad and revit 3D model. With the plugins for these softwares you turn the model into a XUVER file in about 1 minute. Follow the 4 step wizard and turn it into your own virtual space!

Audio and Video calls

XUVER has it’s own communication suite where you collaborate with all the people in the space. Choose whether you want to use chat, audio or video calls. Rather seperate from the group, use the private mode for your side meetings.

Share screen (available july 2021)

Project your screen in your virtual space to show your presentation, a video or supporting information

100% browser based

XUVER runs on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. No installation required!

You can create this with XUVER!

Our lives increasingly depend on digital spaces, services and apps. XUVER is the front door through which your digital world is easily accesible while preserving a personal experience.
Create your space for digital communication and spontanious interaction between people.

Here’s some inpiration on how to put XUVER to use:

XUVER Virtual Spaces

Create your own
virtual space

XUVER is the most flexible virtual meeting solution in the world! It is really simple to create your own space. Any 3D model created in SketchUp, Archicad or Revit can be turned into a virtual space in XUVER in just a matter of seconds.

Content Services

Don’t know how to create a 3D model? We are happy to create one for you! Would you like to have a virtual space that works best for you? We follow these easy steps to provide you with exactly the space you need!

Choose from the Library

Would you like to have a virtual space that works best for you? We are happy to help with our content services. However, you can also choose a virtual space from our library. We have several virtual spaces available in our library.

Free Trial

Start your free 7 day trial without any obligations. The trial gives you complete access to all plugins and the web based viewer. No credit card required.

What clients say about XUVER

Gavin CrumpFounder Aussie BIM Guru

I highly recommend Xuver for any BIM professional looking to get the most out of their BIM model from a communication perspective, there isn’t anything else out there right now I’ve seen that marries ease of use so well with model viewing.

Nick MatulessyFounder Architect Direct

“Using XUVER helps us agree on a finalized design faster. Since we started using XUVER, we save on average 30 percent in time per project. That means we can take on more projects and make more clients happy with a professional architectural design for their home.”

Alex RamsdenFounder of Collabed Construction

Xuver allows you to use the maximum potential of a 3D model and allows your clients to view their projects in 3D on a web browser. What sets Xuver apart however is the ability for both the Architect and the client to enter the 3D model as an avatar, walk around their design and discuss thoughts and opinions live whilst viewing their design.

Rick smetsFounder Rick Smets Architect

By walking through the design in XUVER, you will notice instantly that your clients quickly understand what you mean. So by using XUVER, you are always two steps ahead, compared to ‘merely’ showing a 3D sketch to your client.”

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Trusted across the world

As the world’s first 3D communications platform specifically designed for 3D models, XUVER is trusted by countless 3D modeling professionals from across the world.