Xuver is an exceptionally versatile visualization platform to show your designs to anyone who would like to experience it. From a private to a commercial client, to fellow 3D designers: everyone involved in the modeling process has a use for Xuver.

There are so many different ways to use Xuver. In this article we will give you some inspiration to show your 3D designs to your clients, so you can be sure to provide the right service to each and every one of them!

1- invite multiple users at once inside your 3D model

Xuver is a multi-user platform, which means that you are able to invite your clients, colleagues or other interested parties inside your 3D design. This creates opportunities to have a virtual viewing. You can walk in and around the model with anyone who is also logged into Xuver. Inviting people is easy, just send them the browser link and they will be able to see your model in no-time.

2- Organize virtual meetings and use the voice module and laser pointer to explain your design

After you’ve invited others inside the model, you can start a virtual meeting about your design. To optimize communication inside the model, we have added a voice module so you can instantly talk to everyone else online. Show your clients around their new bungalow while you discuss everything and answer all their questions. A feature that works well in combination with the voice module is the laser pointer. With this feature, you can point at everything that needs some extra attention.

3- Show and hide different layers of your model

Showing a big industrial complex in Xuver? In order to bring certain design choices forward, you can use the layer option. With this feature, you show and hide different layers of your design. Would you like to show the beam structure of a turbine hall and remove all other distracting factors? Just hide the rest and you will see clearly what normally remains hidden!

4- Use the layer function to create different design scenarios

But the layers can also be used for other options. It’s possible to show different options to your clients. Are the future homeowners not sure which kind of roof they would like to see? Show them different styles as layers in your model. You can turn one off while showing the other option. Decisions can be made quicker and you can go on with your modeling work.

5- Make cross section cuts to show your construction in every possible way

In order to make sure that no angle of your 3D design is left unattended, you can make cross-section cuts in the model. This is particularly useful if you need to get to some hard to see places. Just cut it in half and all becomes clear.

6- Highlight objects to get the focus to the right object

Besides the laser pointer, you can also use the highlight objects feature to point out objects that need some extra attention. This will enable you to focus on a certain topic for a while. Why must this wall be there? By highlighting the object, your clients will be able to focus on what’s important and not be distracted.

7- Show the outlines of your 3D model, instead of the detailed version

Xuver is useful for all phases of the modeling process. Even if your final version isn’t quite ready yet, it can still be useful to show it to your clients for quick feedback. Try it out: convert an all-white, non-detailed version of your model to show to your clients. In this manner, you can focus on space and dimensions instead of materialisation. In a later stage, you can always add details.

8- Guide your colleagues or fellow 3D designers around for professional feedback

If you need some professional feedback or a quick review from a colleague or fellow 3D designer, you can use Xuver to get it done quickly as Xuver opens a 3D model within seconds. View your design together and you will see that someone else will look at it with different eyes, giving you new insights and inspiration to continue with the designing process. And your fellow 3D designer can be anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

10- Show your construction on site to the construction company

Even in later stages of the architectural process, it is useful to continue using Xuver. Keep everyone involved up to speed by showing your 3D design directly to the construction company. Even for those clients who are already familiar with 3D drawings, this approach is useful to make a design tangible and make sure everything goes according to your design.

11- Show your portfolio on your website

Alright, an extra one! Xuver can also be used as a portfolio tool. Do you want to give potential clients an experience to see your design in a way that will certainly speak to them? Then you can make your 3D designs publicly available and post them on your website, after which all visitors

Of course, there are more than the abovementioned 10 (or 11) ways to show your 3D designs with Xuver. Are you using any that did not make the list? We would love to hear from you. If you want to start using Xuver, you can follow the button below to start your two-week free trial period.