January 17, 2019 Paul Geraedts

An interactive online 3D viewer

Are you looking for an interactive, online 3D viewer? Xuver developed the world’s first 3D viewer that works completely from within the browser. Read everything about this handy tool and its many uses.

An online 3D viewer with ultimate user friendliness

One of the key points when we started developing this online 3D viewer, was ultimate user friendliness. This tool has to be usable and comprehensible for everyone. For professionals (architects, designers, asset managers and the like) but also for their clients. The latter group usually does not possess the same extensive technical knowledge as the professional who has years of experience. Our extremely visual approach is the solution: we created an online viewer with which you can walk through the model as if you were visiting in real life. This can be done alone or with others and works from within your own browser and from your own location. Ultimate user friendliness and extensive interactivity, all in one viewer.

An interactive online 3D viewer

But where does this interactivity show? Firstly, there is the fact that our viewer is multi-user, which means that more people can access the model at the same time. Beforehand there needed to be a download of powerful, often costly software in order to view a model. Those days are gone now. The only thing you need for this viewer to work is a laptop with an internet connection. Simply open the secure HTML-link and a few moments later you can already walk through the design. But that is not all.

Discuss, point out and highlight objects

During this digital viewing you can also discuss the model with the other parties involved in the model. This can be done by using the built-in speaking module. Other handy features are the laser pointer, with which you can point out details that require extra attention, or the possibility to highlight certain objects. It is also possible to remove and re-add layers in the model in order to make underlying details visible. Beforehand it costed a lot of time to bring everyone involved up to par about a model. With our viewer those days are long gone: and no one has to leave their own location!

An online viewer like no other

And the result of years of research by a driven and ambitious team is impressive. We created a tool that can be used by a professional as well as a hobbyist. From architect to interior designer, until asset manager and hobby drawer: a great variety of people can find a use for this immensely versatile viewer.

Want to know more?

At the moment, our viewer is ready to be shown to the world and to get used by a great variety of professionals. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? In that case we would like to hear from you. Schedule an appointment for a personal demonstration of the many functionalities of this versatile viewer. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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