The architecture world is changing quickly. Not only in an aesthetical sense with new designs and environmentally friendly building materials but also in an online sense. There is much bigger demand from clients to be involved in the architectural drawing process. This in itself brings about new challenges for 3D architects. Communicating your 3D designs from anywhere in the world, interacting with clients while walking through your design in real-time together.

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The clients demand it

The first reason is a very important one (or at least: it should be). As times changed, your clients changed too. There’s a certain need to be involved in the modeling process that is most likely a result of so many things being available online. Simply said: your client spends as much time online as you, perhaps even more. Online, everything is available within a few mouse clicks; from meals to clothes. Naturally, your client expects you as a 3D architect to follow suit and share your designs online with them. 

Considerable benefits for 3D architecture

But adopting online visualization techniques is not only good for your clients’ understanding of your designs, but this method also brings considerable benefits for 3D architecture. By showing your designs online to your client, you will save yourself some serious traveling time. Normally, in order to show your client something, you would have to set an appointment and travel to them in person. Showing them your designs online eliminates this to a large extent: you will be able to show your clients your designs inside the browser, while none of you leaves their location. 

Interactive possibilities

Another major advantage, and the reason why 3D architects are adopting online visualization techniques, is that there is a great deal of interactive possibilities to explore when you’re using them. Sharing your designs online with Xuver means that you and your clients can walk through the designs with their own 3D figure, the avatar. This makes your designs easily understandable for all your clients: even those ones that have the least understanding of technical 3D drawings. While you take your clients on this 3D viewing, you, the 3D architect, can communicate with them through the built-in voice module. 

Taking on new clients from across the world

Another advantage of visualizing architecture online is that the world is truly your playground now. By sharing your 3D models online, your audience and potential client base becomes much larger. With Xuver, you can make your 3D designs available as a walk-through, interactive portfolio. This will leave an impression to all visitors to your website, and before you know it, you will be designing for new clients on the other side of the world. 

3D architects can start sharing their models online today

So whether you are using Xuver to share and discuss your designs with your clients, or to create an immersive and interactive portfolio experience, one thing is for sure: 3D technology is growing immensely in popularity and now is the time to start adopting this interesting technique. Xuver is available as a 2 week free trial, so you can start showing your 3D designs to your clients and potential clients today. Click on the button below to sign up.