Xuver is a platform that can be used during any part of the architectural process. From the early 3D sketching phase in your preferred 3D design software to the building stage and everything in between. In this blog, we will explain how to get the most out of Xuver during the actual building process. 

Inform fellow architects or colleagues for professional feedback

Xuver is an online platform that allows you to publish and share your 3D design online. You can invite other people inside a 3D version of your model and walk around in it by navigating a 3D figure, the avatar. Step inside an in-browser version of your 3D design, created with the 3D design software of your preference, and guide your fellow architects and colleagues around as if it were already built. 

Visualize what you created with 3D design software

In this manner, your colleagues will see directly what you’ve created and everyone inside will get a clear overview. Using Xuver to show your 3D design to other professionals or even colleagues also creates new dimensions to your design. Having a closer look at the exact construction of a roof will give you valuable feedback on your construction choices, building materials and other important design aspects. Is this the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing structure or do your fellow architects have different views? Create new insights by inviting your colleagues inside your model. And everyone can do so without leaving their own location! 

Keep your communication with the construction company on point

Besides showing your 3D design to your colleagues for quick and professional feedback, Xuver is also an excellent way to keep in touch with the construction company involved in building the project. Especially during this phase, it’s crucial to keep communication top-notch. Mistakes during the building phase are easily made and will have far-reaching consequences. 

As building sites are often hectic and busy, it’s more efficient to meet with the construction manager and other supervisors at the building site inside the Xuver 3D model. Do they have any questions or have any unexpected complications come up on the sixth floor of the building? Walk with them to the particular floor that needs to be discussed and use the voice module to speak to everyone inside. Is there a particular part of the corridor that needs some special attention? Discuss it together, while you point out the specifics with the laser pointer

Keep your clients in the loop

Besides your colleagues and other professional parties involved in the building process, it is also of the essence to keep your clients in the loop on what’s happening on site. Your clients are unfamiliar with 3D design software and so they need a visualization tool that will bring their future home to life. Meet your clients in the front yard and invite them inside their new home. From the entrance to the kitchen and the living room: everything can be shown in detail and because he is walking through it, your client can easily imagine your design. 

With Xuver, they walk around in it as if it was already built. Everyone inside walks around with their own avatar, which adds an element of dimension and space to the 3D design software. And as Xuver is an in-browser visualization tool, everyone simply logs in from their own location. Every client can use Xuver, no matter their level of technical skill.

Start using Xuver today

From sketching process to construction phase, and from complete layman to fellow architect: Xuver can be used by everyone, everywhere and at every moment. You can start using this in-browser visualization tool today and invite your clients, colleagues or contractors into your 3D design. Follow the button below to sign up for Xuver.