An easy-to-use 3D file viewer - Xuver

Are you looking for a 3D file viewer? Xuver has developed an online viewer that is able to convert a great variety of 3D files into a beautiful, interactive 3D model. And perhaps the best of it all? This viewer simply works from your own browser.

A 3D file viewer that works within your browser

And that aspect in particular is unique in this line of work. For a long time it seemed to be impossible to create an easy-to-use 3D viewer, that works from within the browser. But Xuver did it, and how! With humble pride we present a viewer that can be used by anyone involved in a project without any required training. This viewer can be used by anyone and can easily be shared through a secure HTML-link that allows anyone who received this link to view the 3D model quickly from their own locations. 

Time and cost effective

All of this results into a 3D file viewer that saves in time as well as costs. Since every party that is involved in the process can view the model from any possible angle. This brings the design to life for everyone. Besides that, you can also take the lead and discuss the model with the others in real-time by using the built-in speech module. We also added a laser pointer, that allows you to point out all aspects in the model. All of this brings the model to life in an unprecedented way. Save yourself the time (and costs!) of traveling to your clients to view the model, but instead let them view the design from the comforts of their own location. 

Convert your files easy into the 3D file viewer

This unique viewer is useful for a great variety of different people. For professionals as well as hobbyists: everyone needs to be able to use this 3D file viewer. Therefore we also make sure that we can convert a great variety of different 3D files into the viewer. Whether you use Revit, SketchUp, Archicad or IFC: with the right plugin or converter we can rapidly convert your files into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can be uploaded and converted within moments into a beautiful and interactive 3D model. 

Learn more about the 3D file viewer

Want to learn more about the 3D file viewer. Let us convince you about the use of this versatile tool. Feel free to reach out to us. Our young and ambitious team will give you a personal demonstration to show all the handy features.