As architects and 3D designers, we are constantly on the lookout for new Softwares and services that will improve our work and make us work more efficiently. But how do all of these tools work and what can you do with them? In this article, we discuss this. 

Why convert your 3D models

As a 3D architect or designer, you are busy creating new and exciting designs for your clients. These designs come in the file format of your particular sketching program. Some much-used file formats are .skp (SketchUp), .rvt (Revit) or .ifc (used by several common programs). Sometimes you wish to make your file format compatible with different software, for example, turn a SketchUp file into a Revit file or vice versa.

This can be handy if a colleague who is using different software needs to add his parts to your design. For these purposes a 3D converter is handy. With these small, often free pieces of handy software you can turn your 3D model into a different file format. 

3D model converter

Other uses of a converter

One such purpose of a 3D model converter is to make your 3D design available online. This will create an easier way to share and discuss your designs with clients and others. XUVER has created a 3D model converter and plugin for different file formats, including SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD , FBX and IFC. After converting your 3D model into a .xr (XUVER) file, you can upload it easily and quickly into our online viewer. 

We have specifically designed our converter with the user in mind. In less than a minute you are able to upload your converted file onto our backend system and view it online.

Make your 3D model available online

With our easy to use and downloadable tool you can convert your model into our very own .xr file without any loss of quality or resolution, even if you have a large file size. After doing so, you are able to invite your clients simply by sending them the HTML link. And that has many benefits, some of them being: 

  • Walk inside the 3D model with a 3d figure (the avatar) and add a sense of space and dimensions for your clients
  • Live communication through the browser: Less lengthy meetings on location needed. Instead of merely explaining your designs to your clients, you can now actually show them in 3D.
  • Quick and easy to understand for your clients
  • Shortens approval time for projects: meet your clients online and ask their opinion on a certain matter directly
  • You can now live edit your designs inside XUVER, for the client. Try out different colors or material combinations and truly involve your clients in the process.
  • Overall, using XUVER to visualize your 3D model will significantly improve the feedback you receive back from the client, ultimately leading to quicker approval times.

Try XUVER for free

As you can see, using our 3D converter to create an interactive and immersive online design will create new opportunities to inform your clients. You will be able to show your designs without even moving from your own location! This is a great development that will bridge the gap of technical knowledge between architects and their clients.

As we are now living in unprecedented times. Showing your designs is becoming increasingly more difficult. This is why our file converter and file viewer can help you and your clients. Show them your 3D files easily and clearly. Becoming a remote designer has never been easier!

Try it out! 

Wanna see for yourself how fast, easy and convenient it is to take your clients on a journey through your designs with XUVER? You can start inviting your clients inside the 3D version of your online model today! Sign up and start using XUVER today.