An interactive 3D model viewer that works online – improve your communication with clients. At Xuver, we want to make our tool available to as many different users as possible. You can now share and publish your 3D models online from anywhere in the world.

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An online viewer for 3D models

But what exactly does our online interactive viewer do? At Xuver, we specialize in 3D communication. We noticed that there was a great need for a simple, online solution in order to view and share 3D model via the browser quickly and efficiently. That is exactly what Xuver has done, you can now share your interactive 3D model with clients anywhere anytime.

This can now be viewed and used on a PC, tablet and mobile. We can now convert your 3D file within seconds, after which you can literally walk through the building or project. Now, all your 3D models are converted into a truly three-dimensional world.

The advantages of our online 3D communication tool

Our online viewer is actually the first of its kind. It used to be nearly impossible to show 3D models effectively in your own browser, and keep their resolution with added interactive functions. That is exactly what Xuver managed to do.

With our online viewer, everyone can work right off the bat. You can view your 3D models inside your own browser without the need to download heavy or expensive software! This handy tool allows you to literally walk through a digitalized version of the building, which creates a huge level of interactivity and opens a treasure chest of possibilities.

A completely interactive 3D model

In order to share and communicate your 3D models as accurately as possible, we added a lot of interactive features to the online viewer. Firstly, it is multi-user. This means that you can walk through the model with others. You can – quite literally – lead them through the model while discussing all the details through the built-in speaking module.

While you do this, you are also able to point out objects and details that require extra attention; highlight objects easily and remove layers in the model, only to re-add them later in the explanation. This makes everything clear very quickly and enables every party involved to understand exactly what the plan is.

3D models clarified for everyone

online 3d model viewerAnd that is exactly one of the key points of this viewer. With this tool, everyone is able to view the interactive 3D model from their own location and easily . In this manner, the parties that have a less extensive technical knowledge also get an accurate view of the project. All relevant details can be clarified in an unprecedentedly easy manner.

This gives everyone a good view of the project and its progress. For you as a professional, this viewer offers another massive advantage. Namely: in order to update your client it is no longer necessary to leave your office. Simply put: everyone just logs in from their own location and in their own browser. You don’t even need to leave your office to effectively update your client. Thus, this online viewer will save you both time and money!

Rapidly convert your 3D models

Another major benefit of this 3D viewer is the possibility to rapidly convert your 3D models. Among others, we have fitting solutions for Revit, Sketchup, ArchiCAD and IFC. With our converters and plugins, we are able to rapidly turn these 3D models into a Xuver (.xr) file. After this step, this file can be uploaded into our Backend System, which turns it into a beautiful 3D visualization.

Your 3D models will come to life in our 3D viewer, in mere moments you can already walk through your model in the online viewer. Would you like to learn more about the conversion process? Please read our FAQ.

Who can use the online viewer?

Who exactly can use this online 3D viewer? Since Xuver specializes in innovative visualization solutions, it has been an incredible journey for us to create the very first complete online viewer. The result of our efforts is a great versatile tool that is not only accessible but easy-to-use.

It can be used by professionals, hobbyists as well as clients and contractors. This online viewer has many uses and perhaps an even greater target audience. In the list below we will explain a few of these for you. However, this is only a small part. If your profession is not listed, you can always contact us. We are always willing to advise you how this handy tool can be useful for you!

1. The (online) architect

Perhaps the most obvious target audience for this online viewer: architects. This group of professionals requires a way to show 3D models easily to clients or contractors. That is possible with this online 3D viewer. Our Archicad plugin makes sure that this group is able to convert their 3D models in a quick and effective manner. After this, clients – who don’t necessarily have the greatest technical know-how, can quickly be brought up to par and understand the project really well.

2. The modern real estate agent

In a competitive market in which targets are key and real estate is being sold before it is actually built, our viewer offers a solution. With this viewer, you can plan viewings remotely. Simply send potential buyers the secure HTML-link, after which everyone can access the premises from their own location and browser. Quite literally, you can walk interested parties through the model as if it were a ‘real viewing’ while explaining everything!

3. Interior designers, interior architects and hobbyists

The aforementioned is of course not the only ones who use 3D models on a regular basis. The online 3D model viewer can be used by other, diverse target audiences. Whether you are an interior designer, a garden architect or perhaps just someone who enjoys creating 3D models: with our viewer your designs truly come to life!

4. Asset- or facility managers

A professional group aimed at efficiency: there is a lot of money involved in facility management. So logically, we are looking at ways to smoothen out this process. The modern facility manager can access his PMS effortless and get all the information that is needed within moments. He or she can walk through the model and simply click on the assets as they come by. And of course: this can be done from anywhere in the world. Effective asset management with a few mouse clicks!


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