What can architects do to show their 3D project more efficiently? 

Showing your latest 3D project to your clients can be a bit of a difficult task. Not everyone is familiar with a technical drawing shown inside your drawing or sketching program. It also costs quite a lot of time to get everyone involved in one place together, as agendas and work schedules do not always align. 

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Your 3D project is shown in a modern way

In order to get everyone informed in an easy, quick and modern way, 3D architects have a few options. While staying in close communication with your clients is essential for every 3D project, lots of time is wasted travel back and forth between your office and the client. What if you could show your 3D project completely online? This is now possible.

And why not, you as well as your client spend a lot of time during the day in front of a computer screen. Online technology has advanced in such a way that architects can now send their 3D projects through to their clients as a walk-through in-browser 3D model. 

Why show your 3D project online?

But why would you do this? In showing your 3D designs, you want to inform your client in the best way possible. Saving yourself some precious time meanwhile is a great benefit for you. Some other significant benefits of using online technology to show your 3D projects online are:

  • Save traveling costs. You will travel about 50% less when you use online visualization techniques instead of conventional techniques that require a face to face meeting. 
  • Get 3D projects approved faster
3D projects online

If you show your 3D projects online to your clients online, you are able to drastically reduce approval times as you can just show them inside your very own browser. The only thing your client needs to do is click on the browser link and meet you inside the 3D project model.

  • Give clients a complete, comprehensive 3D image of the project
    Not all clients are the same. Some of them will be able to understand a technical 3D project easier, however, most of them are less (if it all) familiar with technical 3D drawings. When you show them your designs online in a walkthrough 3D model, you will be able to show all your clients your 3D project in a comprehensible way. 

What does an online version of a 3D project look like?

Now we’ve talked about the benefits of using a new technique to show your 3D projects to your clients, you undoubtedly have another burning question. Being: what does a 3D project look like exactly? If you use Xuver, that answer is really quite simple. You can easily turn your 3D project source file (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC) into an online 3D model that can be viewed from inside the browser. 

Check out our demo HERE

This 3D model can be visited easily by sending the browser link to all your clients. After clicking the link, they will arrive inside the model, each with their own 3D figure, the avatar. This avatar provides a sense of space and dimension inside the 3D project.

Besides this, it’s also possible to talk live through the built-in voice module and explain every aspect of the design. Ultimate interactivity guaranteed. You will be able to show your client your 3D projects from a distance in a way that is more efficient and comprehensible at the same time. 

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