The 3D viewer developed by Xuver is a new way of viewing three-dimensional visualisations. But what exactly makes this 3D viewer so special? below we go over the different functionalities available at your fingertips. 

3d viewer with real time editingA 3D viewer that runs from the browser

Three-dimensional visuliastion software is nothing new, however there has been huge advancements in the last few years with the ability to render and speed. Often large, heavy and often expensive software needs to be downloaded locally on to your pc/laptop, especially for this goal. We believe this is no longer necessary with Xuver and we feel we have moved the needle in the evolution of 3D viewers. Not only do you not have to download heavy software at an expensive price, but Xuver is all accessible through the browser at an affordable prices.

Convert your RVT, IFC, SKP and ARChiCAD file formats to our very own XR file through the respective Softwares within seconds and upload your 3D models. We believe the viewer is incredibly user-friendly and we didn’t just do this for you, the viewer is completely interactive, meaning you can invite others (customers, clients, stakeholders, construction workers etc) inside your the 3D viewer just by sending them an HTML link. All of a sudden you can be inside your 3D model with your own avatars walking around, discussing your model in detail.

Not only can you walk around and use the in-built voice module. There are far more functions available, which we discuss below.

The possibilities of Xuver’s 3D viewer

We just discussed the user friendliness of the viewer, including using the built-in voice module, and it’s interactivity. There is also a possibility to aim a pointer at your visitors, in order to enlighten certain aspects of the design. You can also work with different layers. These layers make sure that several aspects of the building are being extra enlightened. A great addition, which will certainly be approved of by your clients. Yet another possibility is to speak with your microphone with the other visitors in the model. In this manner you can explain the design, even if your client is in a totally different location!

The advantages of the 3D viewer

We just told you already about the fact that this viewer works from your browser. But there are more advantages to this handy tool. Because you and your client can walk around in the three-dimensional scale model is it no longer necessary to unfold an ‘oldfashioned’ blueprint, but can there be communication in an efficient way. This extra piece of communication will for sure be appreciated. But also for you as a professional, the 3D viewer comes in handy. With this tool, you can look at all angles of the design, so possible flaws can become visible very early on. After this, you can make a better risk management.

Xuver brings your design to life

With Xuver’s 3D viewer your design really comes to life. In a world in which visualisation becomes more and more important, it is only logical that the client also expects that you keep up with the times. By using our systems and expertise we can provide the right methods and technique for any project. We would like to enlighten you in the many possibilities Xuver has to offer.