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A unique 3D viewer for Mac users

3D viewer for Mac

Good news for designers and architects Xuver have created a 3D viewer for Mac users! Xuver is now available for those who design with ArchiCAD and SketchUp. This article will provide information and show you how you can start using Xuver today for and your clients.

With Xuver, you show your clients what is yet to be built. Without expensive renders, without complicated software and without anyone even leaving their location!

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Xuver in short

So first of all, what is Xuver and how can it be used by you, the SketchUp or ArchiCAD designer on a MAC? Xuver is the first viewing platform that works completely inside the browser. Besides that, Xuver is a multi-user viewer, which means that you can invite others inside your 3D design to view it with you.

This one-of-a-kind solution will save time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive renders and long trips to your clients to show them your designs!

This is easily done by navigating your avatar (a 3D figure) through the building. This approach creates an unprecedented sense of dimension and space, which makes it easier for your clients -yes, even the less tech-savvy ones- to visualize a model. That -in short- is Xuver. Would you like to read more about this one-of-a-kind viewer? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

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For the SketchUp designer on a Mac

Do you design with SketchUp while using a Mac computer? In that case, you can start using Xuver by downloading our specifically for this purpose created SketchUp converter. This converter is needed to turn your .skp file into a Xuver (.xr) file format (by using the simple drag-and-drop menu), which is compatible with our viewer. After this step, it’s only a matter of uploading the converted file into the Xuver Backend System and your SketchUp design will become available in moments!

Read more about the Xuver converter for SketchUp on Mac systems

For the ArchiCAD designer on a Mac

The process for the ArchiCAD Mac designer it’s very similar. The only difference that instead of a converter, we developed a plugin for ArchiCAD. This software also converts your ArchiCAD file into a .xr-file, the only difference being that after downloading, the plugin will show up in ArchiCAD itself! Simply click on the ArchiCAD plugin icon, and you can add the file you wish to convert. After this, you upload the file into the Xuver Backend System and you will be able to navigate through your model right away!

Read more about the Xuver plugin for ArchiCAD on Mac systems

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Everyone can start using Xuver right now!

The true potential of Xuver comes, after these steps. Xuver excels in multi-user accessibility. With Xuver, you can invite others into your model, after everyone can walk around explore the model with their own avatar. Take your clients, colleagues or any other interested parties on a journey inside your model. While viewing the model with others, you can also explain all the details through the built-in voice module. That is just one of the many interactive features added inside Xuver. There is more, much more, such as the laser pointer, measuring distance tool and a mini-map for navigation.

Check out the video below for a look inside the viewer and its many options!

Start using Xuver right away

You are only a few small steps away from using Xuver to explain your ArchiCAD or SketchUp designs to your clients. Sign up below and experience for yourself how convenient this 3D viewer for Mac is. Welcome to the future of visualization!

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