Good news for designers and architects on a Mac OS! Xuver is now available for those who design with ArchiCAD and SketchUp on Mac OS. Learn in this article how to do this and start using our 3D viewer for Mac OS today for you and your clients.

With Xuver, you show your clients what is yet to be built. Meet inside your design and give your clients a clear view of the whole project. 

Everyone can start using Xuver right now!

What if you could just step inside your design together with your clients? That is what Xuver does. With this online platform, you invite your clients inside an in-browser version of your 3D model. No one leaves their own location, and everyone can get a clear view of the project. You and your clients walk around inside the model while talking through the voice module. Your 3D design becomes tangible to your clients, and they will be able to envision it better. 

Showing your designs in Xuver will enable clearer communication between you and your client and shorten the time it takes to pitch your designs and to make decisions on design aspects. Does your client want to meet inside a design to discuss materials used for the floors in the building? Invite them inside Xuver and get a clear picture of what it will look like! 

Publish and share your designs online with our 3D viewer for Mac

3D viewer for MACXuver is available for Mac OS users in just a few simple steps. As this is the first in-browser visualization platform, no complicated downloads are needed to get started. The only step to take is converting your file format into a .xr (Xuver) file, which can be uploaded into our platform and visualized within seconds. Xuver for Mac OS is available for ArchiCAD and SketchUp files. 

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After conversion, you can start sharing your models right away. Simply send your clients the browser link and they will be able to meet you inside the design. Everyone inside walks around with their own 3D figure, the avatar. The avatar adds space and dimension to the design, so everyone involved will get a clear view of the design.

Start using Xuver right away

You are only a few small steps away from using Xuver to explain your ArchiCAD or SketchUp designs to your clients. Sign up below and experience for yourself how convenient this tool is for you and your clients. Welcome to the future of visualization!