As an architect, the way you show your 3D models to your clients matters a lot. Over the last years, architectural visualization has become increasingly important, especially during these difficult times when meeting up is becoming especially difficult. What is becoming more important is the ability to actually share you 3D renderings much easier. Using these techniques below will make your life much easier and make sharing your architectural design much easier. 

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1. Visualizations provide clarity

This is perhaps the single most important reason to use certain software. Why do we, architects and 3D designers spend a lot of time (and money) to visualize designs as life-like as possible? often, clients are not tech-savvy. They have no prior knowledge of complicated software and rendering tools. The ability to show them a design easily and allow them to understand the space, dimension and changes capable is important in the design process. 

Interactive and easy to access

All too often, a 3D design is something you would show once your model is finished in order to get approval from your client. We get that, but what if you could involve the client throughout the process, and make changes as you go. Your client will feel included, and there will be fewer discussions after you’ve handed in the final design.

With Xuver, it’s possible to create a walk-through design of your architectural visualization within the browser, so you only have to send it to your clients, who can then view and live discuss it together with you, or alone. Xuver works with SketchUp, ARCHICAD, Revit or IFC file formats: you simply convert the 3D drawings you already have and within moments, your architecture and design are accessible online. 

3D visualization architecture2. Online 3D models will save you time

That brings us to the second reason why 3D architectural designs will make your professional life easier. Simply put: it will save you time, especially when your 3D visualization can be accessed online and without any complicated downloads for your client. So instead of having to travel back and forth to show and explain your designs to clients. Simply send them a browser link, after which they can check out the design. No more need to travel, 24/7 online access to your 3D designs. 

During these unprecedented times right now, we are also experiencing the inability to meet up and have meetings. Bringing your laptop to your client and showing them your 3D rendering in-person. XUVER allows you to show your designs to clients within the browser. No need for meetups! 

Real-time explaining and live editing

XUVER is such a platform: you and your clients meet inside the online 3D model and walk around by navigating the 3D figure, the avatar, around. Just as you would in real-time. A voice module enables live communication and using the avatar will bring all your clients up to speed in no-time. XUVER’s online visualization tool has been designed in such a way that every client can use it in no-time. Quicken project approval time significantly by sending your clients your online 3D design and asking them for their opinion. 

Besides explaining your designs in real time, XUVER also allows you to live edit your designs and try out different color palettes and materials. Do your clients want to see a different material on the kitchen cabinets? Or would they want to see what the shadows and light shadings will do during different times of the day? With the easy edit-menu in XUVER, this can all be easily achieved, live for the client. This will make you reach agreement easier, leading to a quick finalized design.

Getting to a finalized design quicker and more efficiently has great benefits for your overall design process. XUVER enables you to inform all clients quick and easy while you show all the possibilities of your designs. Take your client on a journey through your designs with XUVER. Your client will be able to understand and interpret your designs much easier, leading to a lower costs and more time for you to take on more projects.

3. Architectural visualization for the modern client

Over the years, you could say that our lives have been developing more and more online, with the emergence of virtual reality, better and better software. Clients expect this to transfer into the professional world too. Your clients are no different: they too spend considerable hours a day on the internet, where everything is available within a few mouse clicks. So naturally, your clients expect you to be online too.

By using XUVER, you will have an interactive platform that you can use for all your online 3D visualizations. We feel this is more than a 3D rendering software. Of course, you can spend hours and hours on a render and be able to show this to them in person. However, XUVER allows you to show a design in minutes and from anywhere in the world with unprecedented ease. 

Another aspect that might sound familiar, is that the modern client wants to be involved. If you do this with online 3D visualization this doesn’t have to be time-consuming at all. Use XUVER to bring your clients up to speed during all phases of the 3D designing, ask them for their opinion on design matters or simply update them on your design progress. You will see that this matter of involvement will be appreciated and is of great value for your client retention.