After the devastating fire inside the Gothic Paris Cathedral Notre Dame, the French government pledged to rebuild the historical church. A contest was held for designers to create a new roof. And for who’s been following the developments, pretty much everything has been proposed. From traditional to modern, to well, just plain weird. One thing is for sure: modern 3D technology has helped a lot in getting designs out to the public quickly.

What will the new roof look like?

Initially, the French public would vote on designs for a new Notre Dame roof. This attracted a lot of architects from all over the world to hand in their designs, some of them rather unusual. But as it looks now, the French senate seems to have the final say in this matter, and it looks like the roof of this world heritage site will be restored like it was before the devastating fire.

The power of 3D visualization

During the design contest for the new roof, many visualizations were presented to the public. This is definitely a great way of showing a concept or design to anyone who would like to see it. In that sense, a thorough 3D visualization is a powerful tool.

But what if the public is actually able to walk through the 3D visualization online and experience what is yet to be built? This is what Xuver does: turn a 3D visualization in an interactive experience that will inform everyone who wants to know the design progress. Below we have put a video of what the old Notre Dame looks like inside Xuver, as an online available 3D model. Xuver is the world’s first visualization platform that will show a design directly inside the web browser.

Make your 3D designs online available

Xuver allows architects and 3D designers to show their model inside the browser. In the case of the ‘new’ Notre Dame this would be especially useful. A new roof design can be viewed from every angle, and spectators can log in from their own location. Walk inside by navigating the avatar (a 3D figure) around so that everyone can see the new design from all possible angles and truly experience what is yet to be built. And that doesn’t have to be the new Notre Dame: a villa or apartment block will do just fine!

Using interactive 3D visualization to inform anyone who is interested

In the case of Notre Dame and all the media attention that this remarkable church got, it is not a surprise that many people are taking interest in the rebuilding process. But also for smaller projects with only a few stakeholders, Xuver can be used to inform anyone who wishes to stay updated on the progress. With this interactive visualization platform you can invite clients, contractors or stakeholders. Inform everyone involved while walking and talking inside the model together.

From Notre Dame to a new apartment block: Xuver can help!

So whether you are an architect designing mega projects like the renovated Notre Dame roof or a new apartment block: interactive 3D visualization such as Xuver can be key to make your designs imaginable to your clients. Would you like to read more about Xuver? In this blog you will find more information about this online viewer and its many uses. Feel free to contact us if you require more information or sign up below to start showing your designs to your clients today.