Web based Viewer

The Xuver developed Web based Viewer works on the latest web technologies.. Computer graphics can be displayed in web pages without the use of a special web browser plug-in.


In our viewer, existing 3D drawings and or models are converted into a virtual environment. This makes the model user-friendly and accessible over the Internet.

Browser and Operating Systems

Our viewer is supported by: web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Suitable operating systems are, from Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Linux and Chrome OS.

Mobile Viewer

Our Mobile Viewer is unique and available to all mobile devices. Walk through a virtual environment in the palm of your hand.


The viewer developed by us is a virtual viewing tool. This functionality allows you or any visitor with the use of one or more avatars to walk through an online virtual environment.

Voice Module

As soon as multiple visitors are in the same virtual environment, after activating your microphone you can talk to each other through our own developed voice module.

User Friendly

With just one mouse click and without a download being needed, you can visit a virtual model in your web browser. Simple navigation with the arrow keys and mouse.

Virtual Reality

Walking through the 3d file of your design in virtual reality? Xuver enables a unique VR experience with the mobile 3D viewer. All you need is a VR Cardboard.


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