Xuver has developed a unique online viewer. Since this is such a special and versatile tool, there are quite a lot of questions that require answers. In this blog, we answer five frequently-asked questions, for example about the uses, the target audience and the many solutions this viewer can offer.

1. What kind of company is Xuver?

First things first, because what kind of company is Xuver exactly? Xuver is a leading and innovative company that works with 3D visualization. At Xuver, we always strive to make the visualization as convenient as possible, and at the same maintain a high performance standard in the browser. We have developed the world’s first in-browser viewer that allows 3D designers to show their models to the client without having to download heavy software.

Broad experience in 3D visualization

At Xuver we do not only try to stand out in the field of innovation and by using the newest techniques, but also by using VR, 3D and digital visualization. Another key point for our online viewer is its sheer user-friendliness and almost endless possibilities. This constant strive for perfection and revolutionary innovations brought us to where we are now: our online viewer.

This is the first 3D viewer that works from within the browser. It is an online visualization tool with almost endless potential that can be used by an enormous target audience. From professional to the hobbyist, from architect to asset manager: this online viewer can be used by everyone within mere moments.

2. What exactly is the Xuver online viewer?

In short: our online viewer is a unique tool that stands out in its sheer interactivity, user-friendliness and the enormous amount of different uses. This viewer can be used within moments by everyone, no extra training is required.

A revolutionary asset for anyone who makes 3D drawings, but also for your clients and contractors it becomes incredibly easy to quickly get a good image of any project. Whether it is an interior impression, a new highway or a soon-to-be-built apartment: this viewer provides an excellent view of a project for anyone who is involved.

A 3D viewer for professionals and customers

And let that be one of the key points that we set when developing this amazing online viewer. With this handy online tool, we can bridge the gap between client/contractors and professionals. As an example: whenever you want to show your architectural design to your customers, it is required to use a powerful computer. Both client and architect need the same software and many digital drawing programs are very specialized in their own right.

That can be done much simpler, easier and -especially- more efficient. With this online viewer, you can walk your client literally through the 3D model. Your client sees what the project will look like when finished. In this manner, every client or contractor gets a clear view, even those who do not possess the most extensive technical knowledge. And perhaps the best aspect of all of this? Everyone can access the viewer from their own location.

3. What makes this online viewer stand out?

We already explained it a little bit: our 3D viewer is the only tool of its kind that can work completely online. That means, simply from your own browser. There is no longer a need to download heavy and often costly software: your client simply opens a link in your own browser, after which everyone can walk around the building with a personalized avatar.

The experience is lifelike, and the easy interface creates a low threshold. Literally, everyone can use this online viewer without special training. As you are walking through the model, you can explore the many interactive features of the 3D viewer.

A never seen before interactive 3D viewer

Another major point of this online viewer is that its visualization is unprecedentedly interactive. Walk your client through the model. While you do this, it is possible to discuss the model in real-time by using the built-in speaking module. You can also point out objects and details, for example, if they need some extra explanation. Other interactive functions are also available, such as the handy laser pointer.

With this tool, you can point out what the meeting is about at that time. And then there is the possibility to remove (and re-add) layers in the 3D model. This will give everyone present in the 3D viewer a quick overview of the complete project and all its details.

4. How does this online viewer work?

Another frequently asked question is: ‘how does this 3D viewer actually work?’ Since Xuver is a company that is specialized in the newest visualization techniques, it is also possible to have a target audience that is as broad as possible. Our online viewer works with web 2.0-technology and is available for almost every browser. However, you will get the best result if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Rapid conversion to the 3D viewer

At Xuver, we visualize what you create. That means that we want to quickly convert your file format into a Xuver (.xr) file. After this step, we can use this file for the online viewer. This all happens within moments. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, we have developed a converter or plugin for the most popular file formats. Follow the links below to see how these plugins/converters work.

Converter for Sketchup
Plugin for Revit
IFC plugin
Archicad plugin

As you can see, we have developed a fitting solution for many popular file formats. And we plan to make more of those in the near future. We always strive to launch even more plugins and converters, in order to be able to create a beautiful 3D visualization for an even greater group of professionals and hobbyists.

From a 2D file into the 3D viewer

In order to serve a group that is as big as possible a beautiful visualization, we are also prepared to think along. Is your file format not (yet) available as a Xuver plugin or Xuver converter? In that case, our team of experts might have a fitting solution. Also when you work with software with which you draw 2D models, we can help create a beautiful 3D visualization in the online viewer. Firstly, we can create a 3D file of your sketch, after which this sketch can be uploaded into our online viewer.

5. For whom is this online viewer?

Another frequently asked question is about the target audience. This versatile tool is not very easy to define because of its many uses and a wide range of different users. In this diverse group, we find the likely ones, such as architects, interior designers, garden designers or interior architects. But it does not stop there. For example, this tool can also be used by a real estate manager to sell houses even before they were built. Save valuable time (and money!) by organizing viewings in the online viewer. Everyone can do this from the comforts of their own location.

A 3D viewer for a modern asset manager

And then there is another target audience: the asset manager. In this line of work, a lot of capital goes around. For the modern asset- or facility manager it is of utmost importance that there is a thorough system that provides real-time insight in the state of your assets. Xuver’s online viewer can easily be linked to your Maintenance Management System.

Walk through your digital working environment, while you observe real-time information about the many different assets. Which ones can be replaced? Which ones still have a lifespan? It can all be done in a matter of minutes. From every location in the world. Furthermore, you can directly invite your suppliers or colleagues into the 3D model, after which everyone involved can see quickly what is meant.

Other target audiences for the online viewer by Xuver

Of course, there are many other possibilities that can be thought about for this tool. For example, the viewer can be used in offshore-business, or it is possible to create a digital learning environment (such as a classroom or training program). Indeed: e-learning. Or what about the possibility to create a three-dimensional webshop? The possibilities of this tool are seemingly endless, which is also why we would love to hear back from you. Do you have another good use for this 3D viewer in mind? Do not hesitate and contact us. We would love to think along with you, in our endless search for more uses for the online viewer.

Want to learn more?

This article was a broad overview of our online viewer. However we can imagine that there might still be a need for some additional info. Or perhaps even a personal demonstration. In that case, our enthusiastic team is ready to help you further. Please contact us for the possibilities. For more information, you can also read our FAQ.