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Do you visualize your projects? If not, what is holding you back? As an architect, showing and explaining your designs to your clients is a very important part of your job. Doing this is in an efficient and for the client, easily understandable way can be a challenging process. However, there is an easy solution to this problem: visualizing the design in 3D for your client. In this blog, we show you 5 reasons why you should definitely visualize your projects. 

What’s in this article?

  1. Explain your design
  2. Save time
  3. Clients expectations
  4. Engaging clients
  5. Improved communications

1. Your client can see the design more clearly  

One of the main benefits of 3D visualization when looking at your clients’ journey comes from how easy and quick the process of making your clients truly understand your designs actually is. Visualizing your projects can truly help speed up this process in a very logical way.  

Here’s why this is so important: while showing your designs straight from your 3D sketching program or from a 2D drawing will often confuse your clients, visualizing your architectural models in 3D will make your clients truly see your designs in a different way. Your clients can now experience a design even before it’s been built. That in itself makes visualization an excellent tool for the modern architect to use.  

2. Visualizing your designs will save you time (and money) 

Being an architect, your second thought after thinking about your client’s journey, would be something like: what’s in it for me? Simply put: visualizing will save you time, especially when your 3D visualization can be accessed online and without any complicated downloads for your client. So instead of having to travel back and forth to show and explain your designs to clients. Simply send them a browser link, after which they can check out the design. No more need to travel, 24/7 online access to your 3D designs. 

3. You’re answering the modern client’s expectations 

Keeping your client involved throughout the architecture sketching process isn’t something you should underestimate. Modern technology has created a significant shift in client awareness over the last ten to twenty years. In other words: your client is just as familiar with the possibilities of the internet as you are. 

Another major shift that can be seen regarding your clients is that they have become pickier in their choices and want to see results quickly. Essentially, they are looking for more security in their choice for an architect that’s able to live up to those high standards. And an aware client that spends so much time in front of a screen will require an involved, online approach.  

Luckily, there is a solution to keep your client involved online throughout the whole modeling process: from the first architecture sketch all the way down to the final model.  

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4. Your client feels truly involved in the process 

In addition to point 3, it’s also very much true that the modern-day client prefers to be much more involved in the overall process. So if you want to keep your clients happy, keep them involved! But this is also easy if you have some great visualizations to show them.  

Visualizing your architecture models can be done in all kinds of different ways. An interesting way of visualization to consider will be interactive visualization. While you and your client can view a visualization together, interactive features can be explored that show the model in different ways. Temporarily hide interior or exterior walls, or highlight certain objects that need some extra attention. Using interactive options for visualization will enable your client to truly feel involved in the designing process.  

5. Your communication services will improve significantly 

As you undoubtedly know, keeping your communication standards high is super important as an architect. Using visualization will only improve this, as you will be able to answer to your client’s needs in more ways. For example: by visualizing your 3D model online you can make your client view it when they have the time to do so, or view it together with them and answer all their questions in real-time. You don’t even have to be in the same area together, but you can do this easily via online technology.  

So not seeing your client in person doesn’t mean that you can’t provide them with the highest possible communication standards. Quite the contrary: your clients will most likely appreciate a flexible approach that doesn’t require too much planning in advance. As with all five points in this article it all eventually comes down to reaching maximum client satisfaction, while saving precious time and money in the meantime.  

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