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Xuver wants to help architects improve their business, not by just visualizing projects, but also by becoming more customer oriented. For a very long time, creating an online viewing platform that is capable of 3D real-time rendering was something straight out of a science-fiction novel. With the current online technology this couldn’t be done, was the common consensus among programmers. Determination, vision and a very skilled team made the impossible possible.  

What’s in this article?

  1. The Idea
  2. The challenge
  3. Trial and error
  4. The impossible made possible

1. It all started with an idea

As with most inventions, Xuver too started as an idea. About 8 years ago, founder (and now CEO) Patrick van Zwol pitched his idea for a fully online 3D viewer to several very capable programmers around Europe. A great many of them told him straight away that what he had in mind was impossible, at least with the current technology. However, in the Eastern European country of Moldova, van Zwol found a gifted programmer that was convinced that his idea could actually be done: enter Victor Stanchevici.  

2. Up for the challenge 

Where a great many professionals in programming and IT told van Zwol that what he wanted to achieve simply couldn’t be realized, Stanchevici knew he could pull it off. Stanchevici explains how his first contact with van Zwol went: “I explained how it’s easy for me to create a viewer like that by creating specialized software for it, but if you have to do it completely in the browser, that’s a different story. Here you are dealing with the limitations of that technology. But the fun thing about technology is that it’s always developing, so I was up for the challenge.” 

In the years after that it took a lot of perseverance, tryouts and dedication to the cause to create Xuver: the world’s first completely online viewing platform. Luckily, Stanchevici’s skills proved to be useful to both the back- and frontend sides of the project, which gave him the opportunity to lead the team to develop Xuver further.  

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3. Lots of trial and error 

This wide set of skills made it possible to give more shape to the idea of Xuver, and it created an open atmosphere where testing could take place. Van Zwol: “Especially in the beginning it was a lot of trial and error, but each time we learned more. So over the course of years, we got where we are now. And finally we can say: this is what we had in mind when we started all those years ago.”  

4. The impossible made possible

After eight years of dedication to one single goal Xuver is now the only platform in the world that offers fully online, real-time rendering to architects and 3D designers alike. Within minutes, a model created in several much-used file formats (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC) can be transformed into an interactive 3D model that can be viewed online and shared with several others. This makes it incredibly easy for architects to view designs together with their clients.  

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