A 3D viewer online that lives up to expectations - Xuver

Are you looking for a 3D viewer online. Then this versatile and interactive viewer by Xuver might be an option for you. This handy tool offers an excellent way to lay out your designs to your customers in a spectacular and interactive way. View all your models with a fresh look and from every possible point of view.

What makes our 3D viewer online so unique?

By launching this unique viewer Xuver achieved something that seemed impossible for a long time: creating an interactive and versatile viewer that works without downloading heavy or expensive software. Furthermore: our viewer works simply from within the browser and is incredibly easy to share. By use of a shareable HTML-link you can invite everyone involved in the project to view the design with unprecedented ease. Our viewer is designed in such a way, that everyone is able to use this tool without any extra training. There is no special software needed to uses this viewer. And last but not least: everything is possible from your own location.

Discuss and visit properties from your  own location

And with everything, we do mean everything. Every party involved can view the model from the comforts of their own office, living room or wherever they may be at that time. Discuss the model by using the built-in speech module while walking the other ones in the design through the 3D model. But that is merely the beginning. You can point out certain aspects that require attention with the laser pointer. Another handy feature is the possibility to remove and re-add layers in the model, which brings other things to surface in an excellent way. You walk through the model with a personal avatar, which enhances the natural viewing experience extra.

The user friendliness of this 3D viewer online

If there is one thing that makes this viewer stand out from the rest, it would be user friendliness. Literally everyone can use this viewer right away. But also the conversion of your files is rapid and incredibly easy. The only thing you need to do is download the right free plugin or converter on our website. With this you can convert your 3D files in the blink of an eye into a .xr (Xuver) file. That file can now be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System, which creates a beautiful visualization within moments. Congratulations: you are now ready to share the design and discuss it in detail with all interested parties.

For whom is this viewer?

Our 3D viewer online was developed with an enormously diverse group of people in mind. Professionals as well as hobbyists can work with this versatile viewer. From architect to asset manager, to hobby draughtsman: everyone who is involved in design, viewing or management can find a use for this viewer. Want to know more about this unique 3D viewer online? In that case you can always reach out to us. Feel free to contact us and we can give you a personal demonstration to enlighten you on all the possibilities.