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A new era of architectural visualization is here:

online, real-time and interactive!

Are you looking for an innovative way to show your 3D design to anyone? The last few years the options for architectural visualization have grown significantly. Did you know that it is possible to create fully online architectural visualizations? Let’s look at what’s happening in the architectural world right now.

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A shift in client awareness

One could say that over the last ten, twenty years the typical client has changed quite a bit. This all has to do with the internet and everything being available within a few mouse clicks.Your client knows this, and has also become familiar with all kinds of visualizations. This client awareness is something that you can’t ignore, and your architectural visualization should reflect this. Your client knows what’s possible online and wants to be involved in 3D modeling process. 

Online architectural visualization is here

As a professional architect, visualizing your designs is a big part of your work. Often though, you’ll have to explain these designs in person to your clients, a process that can take quite some time. First you’ll need to set an appointment date, and with busy agendas that can be quite tricky. And then there’s the time it takes to travel to your clients. This can all be drastically reduced by showing your architectural visualization online to your clients. 

With Xuver’s online architectural visualization platform, you can show your clients your design projects
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But isn’t that very complicated to use? 

The answer is no. Sharing your architectural visualization online with Xuver is very easy. The only thing you need is your 3D file (SketchUp, Revit, IFC or ARCHICAD formats) and convert it into a .xr (Xuver) file. This file is being uploaded into Xuver, which creates an online visualization that works completely in the browser. For your clients it’s even simpler: they’ll receive the browser link to your design, and within a couple of mouse clicks they are joining you inside the online architectural visualization. 

Online and interactive architectural visualization all in one platform

But Xuver is not only the first online architectural visualization platform: it’s also a highly interactive way to answer the clients’ needs and take them on a journey inside your design. Both you and your client have their own 3D figure, the avatar, which adds depth and a sense of size and measurements to your design. While walking around inside, there is a voice module that can be used for live communication and a great number of tools to point, highlight or measure the 3D model. 

Keep your clients involved and happy!

Your client will be able to easier understand your 3D designs, while you as a professional save a significant amount of time. With Xuver, you can keep your clients in the loop about the modeling progress without the need for anyone to leave their location. This one of a kind visualization tool answers the modern clients’ needs: an involved, online approach. Xuver can be tried out for free by following the button below. 

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