Are you looking for an interactive online CAD viewer? With Xuver, an online 3D communication tool that allows you to view, share and interact with your clients and your 3D CAD drawing. Discuss all your 3D CAD files in the blink of an eye in an interactive 3D model. Read all about the many advantages of this handy tool in this article.

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The advantages of our CAD viewer online

There are many advantages that come with using the Xuver online viewer, which can also be used as your CAD viewer online. For a long time, it was impossible to view an interactive 3D model without the aid of heavy and sometimes costly software.

With this unique online communication tool, this is now possible, without being detrimental to quality. As of now, your models can be viewed from within the browser. And this is possible alone or with others, from your own location. The possibilities are almost endless.

Who is this CAD tool for?

The answer to that question is really quite simple: anyone who uses 3D CAD files on a regular basis. It is possible to try this out for free for 14 days and see whether it suits your needs too!

Think about architects, interior designers, garden designers, asset managers, real estate brokers or even hobby draftsmen and designers. Anyone who is involved in design, management and sales of a 3D design can find a use for this unique viewer. Besides all that, it is incredibly simple to convert your CAD sketch from your file format into the online viewer. The free plugins and converters which we developed for all these file formats (e.g. IFC, Revit, AutoCAD) enable an easy and quick conversion.

Download the free plug-in or converter on our website and upload the converted .xr (Xuver)-file into our backend system. Now your model is being converted into a beautiful, interactive 3D version of your sketch.

Unprecedented user friendliness and interactivity

This online viewer excels in both user-friendliness as well as interactivity. With this viewer, your personal CAD viewer online, you can walk through a design with a personal avatar, alone or with others. Talk in real-time with the others in the model.

Other handy features are the laser pointer, which enables you to point out attention points, and the possibility to select objects. Of course, there are a lot of different camera angles that enable a good view of the model from each possible angle. And with all of these features come major advantages.

Clarity for everyone involved

Everyone involved in the building process gets to see a three-dimensional, interactive version of the model. This makes it really easy to explain design. Even for the parties that do not have the most extensive technical knowledge everything becomes clear quickly. And of course, you can always converse with the other attendants in the model, which makes sure there will be no misunderstandings.

Did we grab your curiosity?

Would you like to have more information about the Xuver viewer, your new CAD viewer online? Then we can help you. Contact us and perhaps we can give you a personal demonstration of this beautiful viewer.