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A viewer that works together with BIM software

For all your BIM software one viewer: that would be handy. The viewer that was developed by Xuver can do it all. Whatever BIM software is being preferred by you. 

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For every BIM software a fitting conversion

For a long time it was seemingly impossible to create an interactive 3D model without having to download heavy and often costly software first. With the Xuver viewer, those days are long gone. This viewer works from within your own browser. We can turn almost every current BIM software into a 3D model. By using our handy plugins or converters we can also convert the file format used by you and turn it into a beautiful and interactive 3D model. 

Which BIM software can we convert?

We created this online viewer with a broad group of users in mind. Therefore it is of course logical that we want to make this viewer as accessible as possible for a large group of file formats as well. Among others, we can convert your .ifc, .skp and .rvt files effortless with our free plugins or converters for these programs. Simply download the right plugin via our website (this is free) and turn your sketch with the utmost ease into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can be uploaded into our backend system. After this step we will create a beautiful visualization which can be viewed in your browser after mere moments. 

Advantages of the online viewer

All of this brings a lot of advantages. As a professional, you are probably aware of the following. Explaining a technical sketch to involved parties is not always easy. After all, not everyone has the same technical knowledge to decipher a model. At Xuver we acknowledge this problem and we can  help to overcome this. With our viewer everyone involved can view the model from their own location. It is possible to walk through the model with other involved parties. While at the same time explaining the model through our built-in speaking module. Another great feature is the possibility to point out details with the laser pointer and to remove or re-add layers in the model. In this manner, everyone involved gets a quick and clear view of the soon-to-be-built model. 

Want to learn more?

Has this article triggered your interest? Would you like to learn more about this unique viewer and whether the BIM software of your preference is compatible with this handy tool? In that case we would be delighted to get in touch. Please contact us and we can give you a demonstration of this versatile online viewer. Come and see it for yourself!

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