An innovative and versatile online viewer - Xuver

Are you looking for a viewer that visualizes all your designs in a beautiful way? Xuver has developed the right tool for you. The last years we have been working hard behind the screens to create a viewer that works from within the browser and that stands out in user friendliness. Read this article to find out what this viewer can do for you.

An online viewer for many different branches

For years it was seemingly impossible to find a way to turn different kinds of designs into a three dimensional model without the need to download heavy and/or costly software first. However, with hard work, a lot of research and a driven team, Xuver did it. We developed the world’s first online, multi-user viewer. With this beautiful tool 3D sketches in all kinds of different file formats can easily be converted into an impressive, interactive three dimensional model.

Interactivity and user-friendliness first

Because interactivity and user-friendliness always come first at Xuver. Our latest tool is a great example of that philosophy. Literally anyone can work with it within moments, so there is no need for any extra training beforehand. We also added a great number of interactive features. For example: you can talk to all the others in the model in real-time by using our speech module.

It is also possible to point out points of attention, with the especially for this goal created laser pointer. Furthermore, you can remove and add layers in the model. It speaks for itself that there is also a great variety in camera angles available so a model can be viewed from any possible angle.

An online viewer for professionals and hobbyists

At Xuver, one of our aims is to make 3D technology available for as many different users as possible. That is why we developed this handy tool. The possibilities are almost endless, the different adaptations are too. Think about an architect, interior designer or garden designer that wants to show his design to his clients. Or an asset manager who wants to see a quick and complete view of his assets, their lifespan and which ones require some extra care. This is all possible in a very easy way. This versatile and innovative tool has a great variety of possibilities and adaptations.

A viewer that lives up to its expectations

Walk through an interactive 3D model with this tool, alone or with others. By using the speech module you can talk in real-time about the model while walking through it with your personal avatar. Invite others in an unprecedentedly easy way, simply by sharing a secured HTML link. This makes sharing a model ridiculously easy. Because our viewer runs completely online, everyone can log in from the comforts of their current location.

This feature will save you time -and money- as a professional, since you do not need to visit your clients personally for every construction meeting. For every party involved it becomes much easier to get a clear view of the project. Not everyone has the same technical knowledge that is required to fully grasp a 3D model. But by using this viewer, everyone can see right away what a design will look like.

Convert your files to the viewer

Another key point in creating this tool was creating a large variety in the different file formats that can be used. Of course there are a great number of file formats, which are all used in a different professional context. By using our free plugins and converters it becomes really easy to convert your desired file format into the viewer.

Simply download the free converter or plugin for your file format (.skp, .ifc, .rvt and many more). After conversion, upload the .xr (Xuver) file into our Backend System. Just moments later your sketch can be viewed as a beautiful 3D model and can be shared with all parties involved.

Want to know more about the viewer?

You understand that we are quite proud of the achievement that we delivered over the last few years. It is an honor for us to share the unprecedented user friendliness of this tool with the rest of the world. Would you like to know more about this viewer? In that case you can always contact us. Feel free to reach out and we will be delighted to give a demonstration on the many possibilities in this viewer.