An online viewer for all your BIM-models - Xuver

For a long time, it was seemingly impossible to develop an online viewer that required no heavy software downloads in order to run smoothly. However, Xuver did it. We developed a multi-user online viewer that can be used for all possible BIM models. Read more about this handy viewer.

Why this online viewer?

Xuver developed this versatile tool with a large group of professionals in mind. Our world becomes undeniably more and more visually oriented. Both clients and contractors want a quick and accurate image of the end result. Furthermore, our lives are lived for a large part online. As an example we can take an architect who wants to show a design to clients or other interested parties. From now on this is possible from your own location and from within your own browser. Another example is the asset manager that wants a good image of assets and the data required. These examples are only but a small part of the many possibilities that this viewer offers. In short: everyone who is involved in design, maintenance and sales can find a good use for this handy tool.

An online viewer that will immerse the viewer

At Xuver, we are specialized in the latest forms of visualization. One of our goals is to apply this technique as innovative, interactive and user friendly as possible. We dare to say that we managed to do so with our online viewer. This viewer offers a completely new experience. One which will immerse the viewer. Moreover, this experience is available for everyone as no extra training is required to use this user friendly viewer. Also, the model is easily shareable through a secured HTML link. This link can be used by every viewer to walk through the model with a personal avatar.

Interactivity and possibilities

However, the interactive possibilities that this viewer has to offer do not stop there. The users can walk through the model, while discussing every detail by using the built-in speech module. In case it is not completely clear what the meeting is about, there are a few more tools to clarify things. For example the laserpointer, which points out details that require attention. Another possible that was added is the option to remove and re-add layers in the model. All these features make sure that everyone involved gets a good image of the total model. Some other functions are different camera points of view and selection and highlighting of certain objects. All of this makes for an incredible viewing experience.

Want to know more?

Perhaps this article has sparked your attention. Do you want to know more about this handy and versatile online viewer and the technology of Xuver? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to tell you all about this viewer. Feel free to contact us.