An ArchiCAD viewer and plugin for all your 3D models

ArchiCAD viewer ArchiCAD is a 3d drawing program that is used by many architects and professionals alike. Xuver has designed an ArchiCAD viewer and plugin that allows you to explore architectural designs interactively with your clients. Visualize your 3d models online and invite clients inside to view it with you

Within a click of a button, you and your client can be walking inside your model effortlessly, all the while talking about specifics using the built-in voice module. Read in this article what you can do with this handy plugin. Feel free to start our free trial and find out for yourself.

What exactly is the Archicad viewer by Xuver?

Archicad is an amazing designing program for architects to create 3D designs. Our Archicad viewer was designed specifically for this purpose. By the aid of our converter plugin, you will bring your Archicad designs to life in our unique web-based viewer. The whole process is incredibly simple and only takes a few minutes.
  1. Register for free through a free trial page
  2. Download our plugin that works inside ArchiCAD to convert your models
  3. Upload to our system to view and share your designs.
Our ArchiCAD viewer requires no heavy downloads and anyone can use it without prior technical knowledge. This allows you and your clients to view your models from anywhere in the world within moments. Save time and effort visiting and share your models with clients through our viewer.

How does the Archicad plugin work?

After installing the plugin you will see that it will be shown within Archicad itself. Now you are able to save your design in an especially for this purpose developed Xuver (.xr) file. Save this file in the map of your choice. After login into the Xuver Backend Platform, it is merely a matter of uploading this file here. Moments later it is already possible to view the file in our web-based viewer, simply from your own browser.

Why choose Xuver’s web-based viewer?

At Xuver we are specialised in in-browser solutions and visualization. After years of developing we proudly present our web-based viewer. This viewer really brings your models to life. Beforehand, this was only possible after downloading heavy software. This viewer merely works from within the browser, which makes it incredibly easy to view the 3D model. This can be done alone or with others. Take your client on a digital walk in the model and communicate in real-time with each other. This makes all aspects of the building easily approachable for all parties involved. Also: this extremely user-friendly viewer can be used by anyone as there is no special training required.

Curious about the Archicad viewer?

The Xuver Archicad viewer is a handy tool that can help your clients pre-visualize a design without the need for long expensive renders. This allows you the designer to quickly edit your designs and communicate better with your customers. Perhaps you would like to know more about the use of this plugin, its costs or other services by Xuver. In that case, you can contact us via e-mail or telephone. Our team will happily enlighten you on the possibilities of the Archicad plugin and the Xuver viewer.

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