’s Nick Matulessy talks about the viewer

Xuver’s online viewer for architects offers a solution for an exceptionally broad target audience of professionals. One of them is, an online architect firm that offers quick 3D drawings, especially for smaller construction projects. Founder Nick Matulessy tells about the online viewer by Xuver, and in which way he uses it in his communication towards his clients.

This young company started from a contemporary thought about online architecture. Matulessy explains how this happened: “Architect direct started about two-and-a-half years ago with the idea that a lot of things can be done easier. Much time is wasted on travelling back and forth and endless meetings. So what if you take those factors out of the equation? If there is no need to travel to your client in person, it is possible to offer your services at a very interesting price.”

And for this approach was a market. “We noticed that there was a large target group with a need for a quick solution for relatively small-scale projects. A simple 3D drawing, for example when you are planning to renovate your house and need a building permit. This all can be done completely online, which makes our geographic range virtually endless. Xuver’s online viewer, which we have started using recently, contributes to that service.”

The practical use of the online viewer

In a few words, Matulessy lays out the essence of the online viewer. One of the key points of this tool is to make sure that interactive 3D models can be viewed and discussed from a distance. But how does use the online viewer, and in what way does this differ from their previous approach?

Matulessy: “In the past, we would send a static 3D image to the client. This was also very well-received, however, there is not much interaction to this approach. The viewer can be used as a complete explanation tool, which makes communication towards the client more efficient. We can now walk through the design with the client, which gives them a good overview. All the choices that were made in the design can be easily explained now.”

An easy decision

For Nick Matulessy, it was an easy decision to start using this versatile tool. “When we learned about the existence of this online viewer, it was clear to us. This is a tool that is especially useful for us, simply because we do everything online. As professionals, we always use the sketching program Revit, which works great in combination with the viewer. We have only started using it recently, but it already shows a lot of potential, which we will further develop over time. The way I see it is as a quick viewing tool: Show your client around in the model and explain your decisions while doing so. Efficient and time-effective: that is how we like to work.”

Positive responses from the client

Within’s formula, Xuver’s online viewer is a great addition. An online tool in this manner was not yet available. However, this unique aspect was not the most important factor for to start using the viewer.

“As professionals, we are very enthusiastic about it and we definitely see how special a tool like this is. But I don’t think that it matters to our client that this is the first interactive viewer that works in the browser. Our client wants a quick 3D drawing for a good price. If you can make that process as smooth as possible, you will see happy faces. Using the Xuver viewer definitely  makes that happen.” has recently started to use the Xuver online viewer. Matulessy is excited about the possibilities of it for the near future: “I think this has a lot of potential for us as a company. The clients that already worked with this viewer gave us very positive feedback. It is now time to build upon that and make sure that all clients can use the viewer as optimally and independently as possible in order to view our designs quickly. But personally, I think that is not going to be a problem.”