Why 60% of architects don’t exist anymore in 10 years - Xuver

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Architecture is an ever-evolving line of work. New developments and technologies are being developed quickly. These new technologies are adopted very quickly, both by your competition and your clients. So in their current, traditional form, more than half of current-day architect’s will not be around in a decade from now. The question is: will you?  

What’s in this article?

  1. A shift in client awareness
  2. Online architectural visualization is here
  3. New times require new measures
  4. Conclusion

1. A shift in client awareness 

Perhaps the somewhat bold title of this article requires some further explanation: while most architects are perfectly aware of staying on track with new technologies and using things like online visualization to their (and their clients) advantage, many of them are reluctant about changing their old ways. But doing so will result in great benefits for both you and your clients. So in order to stay in business, you have to keep up with the times and fulfill your clients needs

Involve the client

One could say that over the last ten, twenty years the typical client has changed quite a bit. This all has to do with the internet and everything being available within a few mouse clicks. Your client has also become familiar with all kinds of visualizations. This client awareness is something that you can’t ignore, and your architectural visualization should reflect this. Your client knows what’s possible online and wants to be involved in the 3D modeling process.  

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2. Online architectural visualization is here 

As a professional architect, visualizing your designs is a big part of your work. Often though, you’ll have to explain these designs in-person to your clients, a process that can take quite some time. First, you’ll need to set an appointment date, and with busy agendas that can be quite tricky. And then there’s the time it takes to travel to your clients. This can all be drastically reduced by showing your architectural visualization online to your clients. 

3. New times require new measures 

Taking your design online and making it available to view as a visualization for all your clients is going to make a major difference in your architectural communication towards your client. Do you think that using online (audio) communication while walking through a 3D model with your client is somehow not as effective as a meeting in ‘real-life’? Think again. While using online visualization technology, you are essentially taking your clients on a 3D viewing through your design. With Xuver, you can make all your 3D designs readily available as an online, walk-through model.  

Your client will be able to easier understand your 3D designs, while you as a professional save a significant amount of time. With Xuver, you can keep your clients in the loop about the modeling progress without the need for anyone to leave their location. This one of a kind visualization tool answers the modern clients’ needs: an involved, online approach. Xuver can be tried out for free by following the button below. 

4. Conclusion 

Maybe saying 60% of all architects will disappear in 10 years is a bit blunt. By exaggerating the statement it becomes quite clear that architects will have to focus on client requirements and expectations. The architects that follow a client centralized business strategy and focus on improving customer engagement will certainly lead the way and stay ahead of all competitors.


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