Architecture portfolio websites are an essential part of every architect’s acquisition to get new clients. After all, this is the first place clients will look to see what your previous designs look like. So in order to make your portfolio stand out from the rest, what is needed? In this blog, we answer this question and give you some handy tips to make your architecture portfolio website truly special. 

What is an architecture portfolio website?

First things first, because what exactly is an architecture portfolio website? Well, the answer to that question might seem like an open door if you’re an architect, however, after looking through some architecture portfolio websites online the answer doesn’t come that easily. Your architecture portfolio website is the place where the visitors to your website will look to see if your designs are a match for their plans. Attractiveness is key here, so how do you make your architecture portfolio page attractive? 

How to make architecture portfolio websites more interesting

A key point to making your architecture portfolio website more attractive -and therefore more interesting- to your website visitors is to offer multiple options to view your portfolio. Many clients prefer different ways of viewing your previous designs. While some might want to watch a short fly-through 3D video, others would like to see an image series. And thirdly, there’s another option: you could turn your portfolio into an interactive, immersive 3D model that takes your clients on a journey. 

Interactivity is key

And that brings us to answering the main question of this article. The one thing that your modern architecture portfolio website should have is interactivity. Potential clients not only look at your previous work, but also at the way you are presenting it. And as your client are well aware of the digital possibilities of our time, your portfolio needs to answer to that demand. How cool would it be if you could actually indulge your clients into your digital portfolio and make them truly experience your designs. Well, that’s easier than you think. 

Architecture portfolio websites will never be the same

If you use a 3D platform, such as Xuver, to create your very own immersive portfolio, your clients will be truly impressed. With Xuver, you can turn your 3D designs into a walk-through 3D model. Visitors to your website can join you inside the model and walk around with their very own 3D figure (the avatar). This will create a wow-effect that will put your work in the picture for potential clients. An immersive, interactive portfolio makes you stand out as a serious, modern architect that communicates thoroughly with clients. And that’s exactly what your client wants to see. With Xuver as your portfolio platform, architecture portfolio websites will never be the same. 

The only thing you need is your 3D drawing

To start using Xuver as an architectural portfolio tool is easy: the only thing you need are your 3D files, which you already have. This can be a SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC file. The only thing you need to do is convert this file into a .xr (Xuver) file that is compatible with our online platform. Within moments, you can already make your 3D design available online by posting the browser link to your model on your architecture portfolio website. Now all the visitors to your portfolio page will be able to walk around inside an interactive version of your design! 

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