When presenting an architecture model to your clients, many architects don’t change their methods very often. The usual mix of 3D rendered images and technical stills from your 3D drawing program in your architecture presentation is sufficient. But the modern client can better be informed using a different, more interactive approach. Let’s have a look at how you can make your presentation more interactive. 

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Involve your clients

Communication towards your client should always be a smooth and easy process. However, as your client is usually not the most technically skilled, this often isn’t the case and ample time is spent explaining your designs in your presentation to your client in order to inform them about your architectural designs. So how do you prevent communication problems from happening?

One answer to that question can lie in the matter of involvement that your client experiences throughout the designing process. If you keep your client updated along the line, then questions can be asked as they arise, instead of when there is an architecture presentation towards the final stages of the project. Your client will surely appreciate being involved more. 

But how do you do that?

Involving your client sounds easy, but all architects and 3D designers know that this is easier said than done. E-mails stay unanswered for days, meeting dates have to be set in advance and then there is the issue of traveling time. All in all, communicating with your client can be a time-consuming process. Can this be done easier? The answer is yes, via online communication. 

This is how it works: Instead of meeting your clients in person, you can make your designs available online in order to save time and keep your communication standards high. Simply create an online, 3D version of your designs and involve your clients in your designs more than ever. By walking through the 3D model with their own 3D figure they are able to experience your designs as you designed it for them. 

Use 3D online techniques in your architecture presentation

But that’s not all there is to it. This interesting technique can also be used in your architectural presentation layout. You will be able to present your designs to your clients and inform them about the progress of it. This will enable everyone involved to follow what is being said. You can now, quite literally, walk the client through your 3D designs and make everyone experience the building before it’s even built.

Besides client communication and architecture presentation, online techniques can also be used to display your architect portfolio. Visitors to your website and potential clients can experience your designs as if they are standing inside them, from behind their own computers. Simply by following a link on your website that leads them directly into your 3D design.

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Live editing your 3D designs

XUVER allows you to quickly share all your 3D designs in an interactive way with all your clients. You can even live edit your designs inside the platform. Does the client want to see different options, materials or colors? Change them inside your interactive presentation in XUVER and seal the deal quicker and more efficiently.

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