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How architecture visualization is increasingly important

Architecture is a line of work that is never standing still. Especially in our digital age, there are constant developments going on that are interesting to follow. Over the most recent years, architecture visualization has become increasingly important. In this article we will explore why this is the case. 

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Your client is not the same as ten years ago

One of the first reasons for the drastically increased popularity of architecture visualization is that your client is not the same as ten, twenty years ago. Technological advances have been created at a fast pace, and the internet has made your clients aware of the possibilities of modern architecture visualization. Naturally, your modern client wants to see a good architecture visualization of your design. 

Use architecture visualization to involve your clients

A client like that is also not as easily satisfied and wants to be involved in the designing process. And that’s great, because with architecture visualization it’s very easy to do so. By using an online architecture visualization you not only inform your client about the designing progress, but you can also easily lay out different choices for them to choose from. Would you like to ask their opinion about a differently designed front porch? If you us an online interactive architecture visualization such as Xuver you can lay out several different options for your client to choose from.

Involve all your clients by showing your project in Xuver, like this basketball hall
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But stay in control of what the client sees

In this manner you shorten the time it takes to get approval from your clients, while limiting the number of options the clients get to see. No more wasted time on unrealistic expectations that your client may have, but two or three choices for the front porch that the client can choose from. This makes the process of getting approval both easier and quicker, while your client is actively involved in the designing process. 

Online architecture visualization will save you time

Besides winning considerable time on the approval part mentioned above, using an online architecture visualization program (such as Xuver) will save you in traveling time. Why travel to your clients when you can also show your 3D designs online, in the browser? No one has to leave their own location anymore, just invite your clients inside a 3D architecture visualization by sending them a browser link. Everyone meets inside the model and walk around by navigating a 3D figure, the avatar, around. 

Use Xuver for your architecture visualization

So there you have it: the reason why architecture visualization has become so popular over the most recent years. In order to serve the modern client, both your communication and architecture visualization have to be top-notch. With Xuver we combined those two into one multi functional online platform. Sign up and start using Xuver today for all your architecture visualizations. 

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