Collaboration enables 3D visualization for IBM Maximo customers

Make management and maintenance visual and interactive. This idea formed the basis for the cooperation between the Dutch companies Gemba (specialist in, amongst others, Enterprise Asset Management, EAM) and Xuver (specialist in innovative visualization applications). With this joining of forces Gemba meets the need for 3D visualization of the dry data provided by the IBM Maximo software program. “Xuver has exactly the 3D viewer we were looking for”, says an enthusiastic Stefan Hoffmanns, business development manager at Gemba Service. Patrick van Zwol, CEO at Xuver, understands the enthusiasm of Hoffmanns. “Our innovative viewer gives a new perspective on 3D visualization.”

IBM Maximo in the picture

The companies came into contact with each other via IBM. “As an IBM partner, our asset management is mainly focused on IBM Maximo, software that allows customers to continuously monitor their assets and work processes. Ideal for, for example, maintenance departments, purchasing and stock management, but also to register the work orders for maintenance engineers and calculate the hours and the materials. Think of it as a glorified (digital) card tray; lots of information and graphs but you have no image with it, “Hoffmanns continues. “And we do have that image for Gemba and its customers. Thanks to our revolutionary 3D viewer, “Van Zwol adds.

Fast conversion, no plug-in required

What makes the Xuver 3D viewer so unique? Van Zwol: “It is based on the web technology WebGL 2.0. That means no special web browser plug-in is required to properly display computer graphics. It works simply via the browsers of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For example, the viewer can very quickly convert BIM files (building information models) from sources such as Autodesk Revit and ARCHICAD. In the end, we want to be able to quickly convert any design program. ”

Convert detailed information into image

For a specialist in asset management such as Gemba, the 3D viewer offers many advantages for example maintenance. Maintenance is increasingly integrated into the design of a building from the beginning. Xuver can very quickly convert this information into a three-dimensional image. The viewer shows that the image is made up from layers. You can view specific objects or parts separately. The objects and components have a unique code with which specific information can be read, such as the location of a pipeline and that of the malfunction.

Save time and money

With the integration of Xuver’s 3D viewer, you can also see valuable information literally at lightning speed. “For example, a maintenance engineer can work much more efficiently if he can see in advance where the fault is exactly and which objects in the room can form an obstacle. This means better preparation and therefore savings in labour costs and travel time. In addition, he can immediately fill in a log via the viewer so that the information is always up-to-date. Just think how much more efficiently you can work and how much it can save. Moreover, it is also more sustainable, because you avoid unnecessary journeys and limited demolition or dismantling work. We therefore see many applications for our customers, “concludes Hoffmanns.


Van Zwol can only confirm that. “With our viewer you experience and understand the environment dynamically and interactively. People are visually oriented and want to have an image everywhere. Facility managers, property managers, architects, project managers etc. have a revolutionary tool in their hands. Via a personalized avatar you can enter and view the virtual space. Attractive to see with an improved experience of the space. It is important that the viewer has a 3D source as the basis. Nice if we get that delivered, but we can also begin with 2d information. As an extra service we can model your information in 3D. Finally, the viewer has a multi-user function. For example, several parties can talk to each other simultaneously via a microphone and discuss issues in advance. This also saves costs and time. ”