Xuver has created the first-ever online, multi-user Revit viewer that can be used as a virtual meeting space. Simply register for free, upload your converted model and invite your audience inside your Revit design. Create engaging, spontaneous meetings that will be as valuable and productive as real-life meetups.

Xuver can actually provide both Autodesk inc Revit users with the ability to take their 3D models and convert them into beautifully designed projects which you can walk in and share with other people online.

These Revit projects can then be used as a virtual meeting space that creates an engaging and inspiring atmosphere. Use video- and audiochat to communicate with your audience, or attach URLS to objects inside the virtual meeting space.

The Autocad Revit bundle

Both programs are often bought together, in a package. This bundle provides you with a complete package of both 2D and 3D software. A great addition for this Autocad Revit bundle is our interactive, online 3D Revit model viewer.

With this handy tool, you can quickly convert rvt and ifc file formats and upload them to your online system and within minutes you can view and share your models inside the browser. The total interactivity of XUVER allows you and your audience to walk around inside and communicate in an engaging way. Conduct spontaneous meetings with your audience and keep everyone informed just as you would during a real-time meeting.

What does this mean to the designer?

As a designer, it can often take hours to show your presentations. spending a lot of time and effort on your renders only for clients to tell you they don’t like a particular aspect of the design. With our Revit viewer, it allows you to show clients your designs quickly, easily and without having to visit them in person or vice versa.

Showing your designs to clients can be a nerve-wrecking experience. your presentations have taken so long, you hope they will like what they see. Often this isn’t the case though. With our viewer it allows you to quickly show your designs and edit them within Revit again without spending hours on presentations.

This all gives you – the designer – more time on what’s important. Once you understand the design your clients want through the Xuver tool (which is very easy to use for a non-tech person), it then gives you the ability to create rendered images.

Your clients share your 3D designs with mobile phone and tablet users, which allow them to experience your designs from anywhere.

A complete solution

This versatile online 3D viewer is a complete solution for the Autocad Revit user. As the viewer works completely in your browser, there is no longer the need to download heavy software. As it all works online, there is no need to visit your client, simply send a link to your client and invite them inside your design! Now you can have virtual meetings.

We feel this creates a great deal of flexibility and saves you both time and money as you do not need to travel to the client in person. For Revit, we developed a special plugin with which you can easily convert your designs into a beautiful, interactive 3D revit model. For 2D sketches in programs such as Autocad, we offer to make a 3D model, as an extra service, after which we can put the model into the viewer.

Advantages of online tool for RVT files

However, there are more advantages to this online viewer. For example, walk through the model together with others in the viewer mode and discuss the 3D model in detail using video and audio chat. While walking around and discussing the model you can point out details with the laser pointer or highlight specific objects.

You can also remove and re-add layers in the model. Everyone involved can view the interactive 3D model at will. Because of the easy-to-use interface, there is no extra training required to use the viewer. Everyone can work with this tool right away.

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