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Autodesk University (AU) is the conference for those who imagine, design and make the world around us. The yearly AU London is a well-known get-together where the best in the business share technical knowledge and create new opportunities. This year, the Autodesk University event will be completely online. Recommended by Revit Expert, Jonathan Hand, XUVER has been put forward as a nominee for one of the online classes at Digital AU LONDON. 

The Revit community is of great value to us and being able to speak at AU London on what XUVER can do for REVIT users would be an honour. At the same time, we want to have a cross-industry dialogue to discover new opportunities for in browser 3D visualization 

Are you using XUVER to show your designs to your clients and would you like others to know our technology too? Vote here, simply type ‘XUVER’ in the search bar and give us the thumbs up. Voting takes about three seconds, but makes a big difference to us getting the word of XUVER out for REVIT users. 

Thank you for voting, Will we see you in London?  

The XUVER Team 

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