Are you looking for a BIM 3D communication tool that works online? In that case, Xuver has found the solution for you. Our 3D BIM tool allows you to create an interactive 3D model you can share with clients from anywhere in the world.

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A unique BIM 3D communication tool

With this product, Xuver has launched a unique product: the proud result of years of research and the hard work of an ambitious team. In order to view and share a BIM 3D file from anywhere in the world in mere moments. Share your 3D BIM files on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone with clients and colleagues. Our viewer works completely inside the browser, which makes it incredibly easy to view, discuss and share all your models.

An interactive BIM 3D viewer

However, there is more. This handy tool also stands out in its sheer interactivity. Your interactive BIM models can be shared with others through a secure HTML link. Everyone involved can view a model in a quick and easy manner. Furthermore, you are actually able to walk through the model with a personalized avatar.

At the same time, the model can be discussed by using the built-in speaking module. It does not get closer to real-time viewing. You are also able to point out details in the design with the built-in laser pointer. And then there is the possibility to remove and add layers in the BIM 3D model. In this manner, it will become very easy for everyone involved in the building process. Even for those that do not have the biggest technical knowledge.

A user-friendly BIM 3D viewer

But that is not all, since this only viewer also stands out in its user-friendliness. This handy tool can be used without the need for any extra training, by anyone. We also strive to make as many BIM 3D files compatible with this handy tool. By using our free plugins and converters we can quickly convert a great variety of files into a Xuver (.xr) file. After this step, the Xuver file can be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System, which will turn it into a beautiful, interactive model.

The viewer functions best in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. It speaks for itself that everyone involved is able to access the model from the comforts of their own office or home, or -for that matter- anywhere in the world. Show your design without leaving your location!

Want to know more?

Would you like to learn more about this unique BIM 3D viewer and how it can be used for you professionally? In that case you can always contact us, our team will be delighted to give you a personal demonstration. Or simply sign up for one of our free trials. We have an extensive amount of videos that can help to show you the best way to view and share your 3D models once signed up. free converter is able to convert rvt, skp, ArchiCAD and IFC files quickly and easily.