A BIM viewer that allows you to walk through your design. It is not always easy to clarify a building plan to your client, technical drawings and blueprints can be daunting to your clients. Of course, you understand the project, but showing clients can often leave them confused.

At Xuver we understand that problem and see the strength and potential of 3D visualization on this matter, but we want to make sure your clients understand your designs clearly and effectively with minimal fuss. With the help of our extensive knowledge and rich experience in this, we developed our very own BIM viewer, a unique tool that makes viewing of three-dimensional models very easy.

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A unique, user friendly BIM viewer.

The major distinctive aspect of our BIM viewer is its user-friendliness, within a few seconds anyone can start using and walking around a model effectively. This is firstly due to the fact that this viewer -unlike other available viewers- works without the need to install heavy software or plugins first. Our BIM viewer works directly from your browser.

Besides that it is a multi-user tool, meaning that more than one user can be present in the model. These users all have their very own avatar, they can walk through a model using the arrow keys and get a complete picture of the design from every angle.

The many possibilities of the Xuver BIM viewer.

However, the massive potential of our versatile BIM viewer really comes through after looking closer at the many possibilities that this handy tool has to offer. As stated, the personal avatar can walk through the building. But it does not end there: You can also use our in-built microphone feature and speak in real-time to clients; workout and discuss specifics in real-time and save time and money visiting your clients. This function can be used to explain the model and any possible uncertainties.

There is also an in-built laser pointer which allows you to point out specifics in the model or things you would like to discuss. Multiple users will be able to look at the same point in the model and understand what is being said.

An accessible BIM viewer with multiple functions.

A BIM viewer that works within the browser itself is unique on its own, but we did not stop there. In order to increase user-friendliness, we took a few features from Revit and integrated them into the viewer. Just like in Revit, you can use the layer and section cuts to temporarily delete parts of the model, which in return shows other, hidden aspects. You can also make a section cut of the building, which clarifies the design. It is also vital that a design can be viewed from several different angles. All of these features provide a unique viewing experience in which your design will always remain the centrepiece.

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