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Xuver developed a revolutionary 3D viewer

A 3D viewer that runs smoothly  within the browser was a far-fetched dream for professionals for a long time. But at Xuver, we made this dream into a reality. Our 3D viewer is entirely web-based and multi-user. With this handy tool viewing, sharing and discussing 3D models becomes very easy.

How our 3D viewer works

But how does that web based viewer by Xuver work exactly? It is no longer necessary to download heavy and often costly software. Instead of that we work with converters and plugins, these can be downloaded through our website. With these programs, your BIM files (SketchUp, Archicad, .ifc and many others) can be converted into our special .xr file format. Via the Xuver Backend platform we can turn this file into a beautiful visualization, which can be viewed within moments.

The 3D viewer: an interactive and innovative tool

By launching our 3D viewer we delivered what seemed to be impossible for a long time. However, this tool is more than ‘just’ a handy manner to view your designs. With an avatar you can walk through a model, alone or with others. Everyone involved can just do this from the comforts of their own current location and by using their browser of choice. Interaction with others in the model is possible via a built-in speak module. Discuss everything about the model in real-time and point out all ins and outs with a laser pointer. Another handy function is the possibility to remove and re-add layers in the model, which makes it easy to see what is underneath. And maybe the best of it all? Everyone can use the 3D viewer right away. There is no special training required to use the tool.

For whom did we develop the 3D viewer

We developed this viewer with a broad group of professionals in mind. Firstly there are the architects and designers. However, also asset managers or interior and garden designers can find good use for this viewer. This viewer even finds a solution in the hospitality sector or even the maritime world. In short: everywhere where there is a need for a thorough, interactive, three dimensional overview. And for every target audience that is involved in design, viewing or management.

Want to know more? That is possible

Of course we are always open for contact. So please feel free to reach out to us of you would like to know more about this versatile 3D viewer or other possible services by Xuver. Our team would be delighted to show you a demonstration of all the possibilities of this 3D viewer. We would love to hear from you!

An innovative and versatile online viewer

Are you looking for a viewer that visualizes all your designs in a beautiful way? Xuver has developed the right tool for you. The last years we have been working hard behind the screens to create a viewer that works from within the browser and that stands out in user friendliness. Read this article to find out what this viewer can do for you.

An online viewer for many different branches

For years it was seemingly impossible to find a way to turn different kinds of designs into a three dimensional model without the need to download heavy and/or costly software first. However, with hard work, a lot of research and a driven team, Xuver did it. We developed the world’s first online, multi-user viewer. With this beautiful tool 3D sketches in all kinds of different file formats can easily be converted into an impressive, interactive three dimensional model.

Interactivity and user-friendliness first

Because interactivity and user-friendliness always come first at Xuver. Our latest tool is a great example of that philosophy. Literally anyone can work with it within moments, so there is no need for any extra training beforehand. We also added a great number of interactive features. For example: you can talk to all the others in the model in real-time by using our speech module. It is also possible to point out points of attention, with the especially for this goal created laser pointer. Furthermore, you can remove and add layers in the model. It speaks for itself that there is also a great variety in camera angles available so a model can be viewed from any possible angle.

An online viewer for professionals and hobbyists

At Xuver, one of our aims is to make 3D technology available for as many different users as possible. That is why we developed this handy tool. The possibilities are almost endless, the different adaptations are too. Think about an architect, interior designer or garden designer that wants to show his design to his clients. Or an asset manager who wants to see a quick and complete view of his assets, their lifespan and which ones require some extra care. This is all possible in a very easy way. This versatile and innovative tool has a great variety of possibilities and adaptations.

A viewer that lives up to its expectations

Walk through an interactive 3D model with this tool, alone or with others. By using the speech module you can talk in real-time about the model while walking through it with your personal avatar. Invite others in an unprecedentedly easy way, simply by sharing a secured HTML link. This makes sharing a model ridiculously easy. Because our viewer runs completely online, everyone can log in from the comforts of their current location. This feature will save you time -and money- as a professional, since you do not need to visit your clients personally for every construction meeting. For every party involved it becomes much easier to get a clear view of the project. Not everyone has the same technical knowledge that is required to fully grasp a 3D model. But by using this viewer, everyone can see right away what a design will look like.

Convert your files to the viewer

Another key point in creating this tool was creating a large variety in the different file formats that can be used. Of course there are a great number of file formats, which are all used in a different professional context. By using our free plugins and converters it becomes really easy to convert your desired file format into the viewer. Simply download the free converter or plugin for your file format (.skp, .ifc, .rvt and many more). After conversion, upload the .xr (Xuver) file into our Backend System. Just moments later your sketch can be viewed as a beautiful 3D model and can be shared with all parties involved.

Want to know more about the viewer?

You understand that we are quite proud of the achievement that we delivered over the last few years. It is an honor for us to share the unprecedented user friendliness of this tool with the rest of the world. Would you like to know more about this viewer? In that case you can always contact us. Feel free to reach out and we will be delighted to give a demonstration on the many possibilities in this viewer.

An easy-to-use 3D file viewer

Are you looking for a 3D file viewer? Xuver has developed an online viewer that is able to convert a great variety of 3D files into a beautiful, interactive 3D model. And perhaps the best of it all? This viewer simply works from your own browser.

A 3D file viewer that works within your browser

And that aspect in particular is unique in this line of work. For a long time it seemed to be impossible to create an easy-to-use 3D viewer, that works from within the browser. But Xuver did it, and how! With humble pride we present a viewer that can be used by anyone involved in a project without any required training. This viewer can be used by anyone and can easily be shared through a secure HTML-link that allows anyone who received this link to view the 3D model quickly from their own locations. 

Time and cost effective

All of this results into a 3D file viewer that saves in time as well as costs. Since every party that is involved in the process can view the model from any possible angle. This brings the design to life for everyone. Besides that, you can also take the lead and discuss the model with the others in real-time by using the built-in speech module. We also added a laser pointer, that allows you to point out all aspects in the model. All of this brings the model to life in an unprecedented way. Save yourself the time (and costs!) of traveling to your clients to view the model, but instead let them view the design from the comforts of their own location. 

Convert your files easy into the 3D file viewer

This unique viewer is useful for a great variety of different people. For professionals as well as hobbyists: everyone needs to be able to use this 3D file viewer. Therefore we also make sure that we can convert a great variety of different 3D files into the viewer. Whether you use Revit, SketchUp, Archicad or IFC: with the right plugin or converter we can rapidly convert your files into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can be uploaded and converted within moments into a beautiful and interactive 3D model. 

Learn more about the 3D file viewer

Want to learn more about the 3D file viewer. Let us convince you about the use of this versatile tool. Feel free to reach out to us. Our young and ambitious team will give you a personal demonstration to show all the handy features. 

Use the Xuver viewer as a Revit viewer

Are you looking for a Revit viewer that visualizes all your Revit sketches in an unprecedentedly spectacular way? Xuver has the solution for you. We developed a viewer that works from within the browser and that can convert all your Revit files into a spectacular 3D visualization. This visualization is also multi-user, which means that the model can be viewed with more than one person at the same time.

The target audience of this Revit viewer

Autodesk Revit is one of the most widely-used BIM modeling programs in the market, therefore it probably does not need an extensive introduction. Another thing that might be known to you as a professional, is that explaining your Revit designs often requires quite a bit of patience. For a professional (architect/designer) a technical drawing is crystal clear. However, your clients have a bit of a harder time understanding. Not everyone has the technical knowledge. Knowledge that is required to translate a blueprint into a visual image of the soon-to-be-constructed object. With the Xuver viewer, that can be used as a Revit viewer, there is now a solution.

How does our viewer work?

With modest pride we present you our viewer. This viewer is based on the newest web technology and runs entirely from your browser. Gone are the days when you first needed to download heavy and often costly software in order to view a 3D design. Walk your clients through a building point out all aspects that require extra attention by using the laser pointer. You can discuss everything with all the other attendants in the model by using the built-in speaking module. This can all be done from the comforts of your own office or home. Which will save you time. Everyone who has the HTML link is able to view the design from each possible angle and perspective. In this manner all parties involved can see what is meant with the design.

A versatile Revit viewer

At Xuver we dare to state that we have developed a very versatile viewer, which truly brings your Revit sketches to life. Your client will surely appreciate the extra service that this viewer offers, which puts you in a great light as a professional. Surprise yourself with all the features and the unprecedented user-friendliness. No extra training is required, everyone can use the viewer right away.

What can we do for you?

Can we do something for you? Of course you may always reach out to us for more information about this unique viewer. This viewer will bring all your Revit files to life. Our team will gladly answer all your additional questions.

An interactive Autocad viewer online

Are you looking for an Autocad viewer online? Xuver has the solution for you. With our online viewer you can show all your Autocad drawings in an amazing way to all involved parties. This makes it very easy to update everyone involved in the building process.

Why choose this Autocad viewer online?

With the popular drawing program Autocad you can create beautiful technical drawings. However, this program also requires quite some specialist knowledge and heavy software. It often requires quite a bit of patience to explain your drawings in a way that your client also understands them. Because not everyone has the same technical knowledge that is required to understand a technical drawing. With our viewer those days are now in the past. This handy tool works from within your browser and your own location. Clients can also view from their own office. No extra software is necessary for this viewer to run. Simply share the HTML-link with your clients and everyone with a laptop and an internet connection can view the model in the AutoCad viewer directly.

The many possibilities of the AutoCad viewer online

To further simplify the process of explaining your models to your clients we have added some interactive features. Walk through the model alone or with others, with a personal avatar. This is as close as it gets to a ‘real’ viewing! Furthermore, it goes without saying that it is possible to view the model from every imaginable camera point of view. You can discuss the project with the others in the model by using the built-in speak module. While you extensively discuss the model you can point out objects or remove (and later, re-add) layers. Use the laser pointer to highlight points of attention to everyone involved. All these features make it very easy to fully comprehend a model for each party involved in the building process.

More advantages of this AutoCad viewer online.

But there are many more advantages of this unique viewer. It is very easy to convert your Autocad files into a Xuver (.xr)-file, after which our Backend platform will turn this into a beautiful 3D model. This process works smooth because we made a fitting plugin -or converter- for each drawing program. This includes AutoCad. Download the right software and your file will be converted in no-time.

Get in touch with us!

This viewer is guaranteed to bring you unprecedented viewing pleasure and will save you time and money. For you as a professional, as well as your clients all aspects and potential points of attention will become clear. No extra training is required in order to use this Autocad viewer online. Would you like to know more about this viewer, than please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our ambitious team will be delighted to answer all your additional questions.

Our in-browser viewer can be used as skp viewer

Are you looking for a skp viewer that visualizes all your sketchup projects in an unprecedented manner? In that case, Xuver might just have the perfect solution for you. The viewer that we created makes for a viewing experience seldom seen before. This viewer also stands out in its user friendliness. In this article we will tell you all about this versatile viewer.

Innovation in visualization

At Xuver, we strive to be as innovative as possible. For a long time it seemed to be impossible to view a 3D model, without first having to download heavy software for it. With our viewer, these days are gone now. This viewer works directly from within your own browser, which makes it incredibly easy to view and share a model quickly with your clients, contractors or other parties involved in the project. Moreover, your Sketchup files are converted within minutes.

Convert your .skp files with our free converter

But how does that work, converting your files? This happens with our free and especially for this purpose developed Sketchup converter. This handy converter can be downloaded for free on the Xuver website. After downloading the converter you can upload your .skp files. Select your design and follow the steps in the program. After this you log into the Xuver Backend platform. Here you can upload the converted Xuver (.xr) file, after which it will be made into a gorgeous three-dimensional visualization.

The advantages of our skp viewer

And that visualization comes with a lot of advantages. Our viewer, which can also be used as a skp viewer, is an extremely versatile tool. Viewing a virtual three-dimensional model in the viewer is like walking through a building in real life! The personal avatar makes the viewing experience extra lifelike. Use different camera perspectives and bring everything to the attention of all parties involved in the process. Furthermore, you can use the laser pointer to point out different objects or highlight details in the model. Discuss the project live with the built-in speaking module.

Everyone from their own location

And perhaps the most convenient of all of those features? Everyone involved in the project can view the model from the comforts of their own location and from their own browser of choice. No extra training is necessary to use the viewer. Simply share the link with the others involved and everyone can walk through the model in no-time. Viewing, managing, and discussing Sketchup models was never this easy!

Contact us for more information

Would you like some more information about this unique viewer. That is possible. You may contact us and we would gladly show you our extensive portfolio or give a personal demonstration to show you this viewer in detail. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

An online viewer for all your BIM-models

For a long time, it was seemingly impossible to develop an online viewer that required no heavy software downloads in order to run smoothly. However, Xuver did it. We developed a multi-user online viewer that can be used for all possible BIM models. Read more about this handy viewer.

Why this online viewer?

Xuver developed this versatile tool with a large group of professionals in mind. Our world becomes undeniably more and more visually oriented. Both clients and contractors want a quick and accurate image of the end result. Furthermore, our lives are lived for a large part online. As an example we can take an architect who wants to show a design to clients or other interested parties. From now on this is possible from your own location and from within your own browser. Another example is the asset manager that wants a good image of assets and the data required. These examples are only but a small part of the many possibilities that this viewer offers. In short: everyone who is involved in design, maintenance and sales can find a good use for this handy tool.

An online viewer that will immerse the viewer

At Xuver, we are specialized in the latest forms of visualization. One of our goals is to apply this technique as innovative, interactive and user friendly as possible. We dare to say that we managed to do so with our online viewer. This viewer offers a completely new experience. One which will immerse the viewer. Moreover, this experience is available for everyone as no extra training is required to use this user friendly viewer. Also, the model is easily shareable through a secured HTML link. This link can be used by every viewer to walk through the model with a personal avatar.

Interactivity and possibilities

However, the interactive possibilities that this viewer has to offer do not stop there. The users can walk through the model, while discussing every detail by using the built-in speech module. In case it is not completely clear what the meeting is about, there are a few more tools to clarify things. For example the laserpointer, which points out details that require attention. Another possible that was added is the option to remove and re-add layers in the model. All these features make sure that everyone involved gets a good image of the total model. Some other functions are different camera points of view and selection and highlighting of certain object. All of this makes for an incredible viewing experience.

Want to know more?

Perhaps this article has sparked your attention. Do you want to know more about this handy and versatile online viewer and the technology of Xuver? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to tell you all about this viewer. Feel free to contact us.

The Xuver viewer is an ideal rvt viewer

Xuver is specialized in revolutionary visualization solutions. With our online viewer we are entering a whole new world. This revolutionary viewer can be used from within your own browser and can easily be used as an rvt viewer. Bring all your Revit sketches to life in a beautiful manner.

Our viewer in a nutshell

For a long time, it was impossible to view a model or sketch in 3D without first downloading heavy software. Those days are gone now. With our versatile online viewer it is possible to view beautiful 3D models directly from within your browser. You can view your 3D model with multiple people, which makes meeting to discuss the building process very easy. With this tool, no one has to leave their spot to engage in a construction meeting, but everyone does this from the comforts of their own office and browser. The viewer was created with a broad group of professionals, contractors and clients in mind.

Using the viewer as an rvt viewer

And especially the building sector is familiar with the drawing program Autodesk Revit. Logically, we at Xuver have made this program compatible with our interactive viewer. Therefore, this viewer can also be used as an rvt viewer. But how does that work? By downloading our free plugin, which enables a direct conversion of each sketch. After this, you upload the converted Xuver (.xr) file into the Xuver Backend platform. After just moments you will see a beautiful visualization. The 3D version of your model can now be viewed in your own browser.

The advantages of the rvt viewer

But what exactly are the advantages of this rvt viewer? With this viewer you are using an incredibly versatile tool. Because of its unprecedented user friendliness the viewer can be used immediately by everyone. No extra training is required. Furthermore, the three dimensional model can easily be shared. You can send the secured link to customers, contractors or other involved parties. They can see the model straight away.  Another great aspect is that you can walk through the model with others. An added speech module makes it possible to discuss every detail. Another handy feature is the laserpointer. This tool enables you to point out details and points of interest in the model. Lastly, it is possible to remove or re-add layers in the model. All of this makes for an incredible viewing experience that clarifies and will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Did we grab your curiosity?

The aforementioned are only a small grasp from the many possibilities that this rvt viewer offers. Would you like to know more? In that case we would like to get in touch. Our team of visualization experts would like to give you a personal demonstration that points out all further aspects and functionalities of this viewer in more detail. Please reach out to us and we will answer all your questions.

A 3D viewer online that lives up to expectations

Are you looking for a 3D viewer online. Then this versatile and interactive viewer by Xuver might be an option for you. This handy tool offers an excellent way to lay out your designs to your customers in a spectacular and interactive way. View all your models with a fresh look and from every possible point of view.

What makes our 3D viewer online so unique?

By launching this unique viewer Xuver achieved something that seemed impossible for a long time: creating an interactive and versatile viewer that works without downloading heavy or expensive software. Furthermore: our viewer works simply from within the browser and is incredibly easy to share. By use of a shareable HTML-link you can invite everyone involved in the project to view the design with unprecedented ease. Our viewer is designed in such a way, that everyone is able to use this tool without any extra training. There is no special software needed to uses this viewer. And last but not least: everything is possible from your own location.

Discuss and visit properties from your  own location

And with everything, we do mean everything. Every party involved can view the model from the comforts of their own office, living room or wherever they may be at that time. Discuss the model by using the built-in speech module while walking the other ones in the design through the 3D model. But that is merely the beginning. You can point out certain aspects that require attention with the laser pointer. Another handy feature is the possibility to remove and re-add layers in the model, which brings other things to surface in an excellent way. You walk through the model with a personal avatar, which enhances the natural viewing experience extra.

The user friendliness of this 3D viewer online

If there is one thing that makes this viewer stand out from the rest, it would be user friendliness. Literally everyone can use this viewer right away. But also the conversion of your files is rapid and incredibly easy. The only thing you need to do is download the right free plugin or converter on our website. With this you can convert your 3D files in the blink of an eye into a .xr (Xuver) file. That file can now be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System, which creates a beautiful visualization within moments. Congratulations: you are now ready to share the design and discuss it in detail with all interested parties.

For whom is this viewer?

Our 3D viewer online was developed with an enormously diverse group of people in mind. Professionals as well as hobbyists can work with this versatile viewer. From architect to asset manager, to hobby draughtsman: everyone who is involved in design, viewing or management can find a use for this viewer. Want to know more about this unique 3D viewer online? In that case you can always reach out to us. Feel free to contact us and we can give you a personal demonstration to enlighten you on all the possibilities.

Looking for an Autodesk online viewer?

Are you looking for an Autodesk online viewer? Xuver might just have the solution for you. The sketch program Autodesk Revit is used by many different designers and architects to create sketches. Logically, Xuver has found a way to convert all your Revit sketches into our online viewer, which van also be used as an Autodesk online viewer.

About our Autodesk online viewer

But what exactly is that online viewer by Xuver? For a long time, it seemed impossible to create an interactive 3D model which could be viewed from within the browser. However, Xuver did it. With our versatile online viewer you can easily create a 3D model from a large quantity of file formats, one of which is Autodesk Revit. Therefore, this viewer can be used as your personal Autodesk online viewer. View all your models directly in your browser.

Advantages of the Autodesk online viewer

But that is only the beginning. This versatile viewer has many advantages to offer you. By using this viewer as your Autodesk online viewer a whole new world opens. It is no longer needed to unfold a blueprint to show a sketch to your clients or contractors. With the Autodesk online viewer you simply walk your clients or other interested parties through the model, while discussing live by using the built-in microphone. And yes, this is all possible from your very own location. The only thing you need to do is share the secure HTML-link, after which every recipient can access the model.

More interesting features in the viewer

And then there are many more incredibly handy features that make this viewer an excellent tool for you as a professional. Walk your clients through the building and view it from all possible angles. Point out aspects with the laser pointer and highlight them. Remove layers in the model and re-add them with the same ease. All of these (and more) functionalities make it incredibly easy to explain a model for everyone involved. It is no longer necessary for third parties to possess a large technical knowledge. Since you can literally walk through the 3D model everyone can see the model how it will eventually become. This makes it for everyone easy to see what a model will eventually become. And besides all that: a Revit model can be converted into a beautiful, interactive 3D model literally within moments.

Why choose this viewer?

If you choose this viewer, you choose ultimate user friendliness. Deliver an extra service to your customers by providing them with this online experience, and allow yourself the luxury of steering and discussing a project from your own location. Save time and traveling costs and place yourself and your company completely ‘in the now’. In a time in which the visual aspect becomes more and more important, this Autodesk viewer proves to be the ideal tool. Would you like to know more? In that case you can always contact us. Our team will be delighted to tell you about all the advantages in person.


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