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Attention CAD architects: this is how you upgrade your 3D drawings

As CAD architects, you’re always looking for a way to make your clients understand your 3D drawings. And this is often not easy, as your clients aren’t familiar at all with your technical drawings. In this article we will explore a way to explain your 3D drawings to your clients. 

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Your 3D drawings don’t have to stay offline

First of all: many CAD architects still feel like their 3D designs can only be seen by them. In case they were to send it to clients, an expensive and time-consuming visualization is made first. This is by all means a logical step and it makes it easier for your clients to understand. But it can be done easier, quicker and cheaper. What if we told you that you can make your 3D drawing available online? With Xuver, this is possible within moments. You can make your designs available online and invite your clients inside for an online viewing. 

Showing your CAD designs online in Xuver
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Invite your clients inside your online model

‘Invite your clients inside’, you say? Yes indeed, this is possible with Xuver. The only thing you need is the 3D drawing in the file format that’s used by you: SketchUp, ARCHICAD, Revit or IFC. You can convert these file formats quickly into a Xuver (.xr) file that is uploaded into the Xuver platform. After this, you have your very own online viewer that can be shared by sending the browser link to your client. After clicking on the link, your client will appear alongside you inside the model with their own avatar, a 3D figure. While walking around, the built-in voice module is used to explain your 3D design. 

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A viewer for all CAD architects, 3D designers and their clients

So there you have it, in short: Xuver is an online viewer that will create a quick and online available visualization of your 3D drawing, without the need to travel to your client to explain your 3D design. Directly meet your clients inside, walk them through your design and get on with your work. This viewer for CAD architects and their clients brings a whole new era of communication: online, quick and interactive! 

Why you should make your designs available online

After reading all this, you might ask yourself why you should go through make your designs available online for your clients? If you look at the current client, there seems to be a demand for greater involvement throughout the modeling process. And that’s logical, as your client spends as much time online as you, they are aware of the almost endless possibilities of the online world. In other words: they expect you, the CAD architect, to follow suit and answer to their needs. With Xuver, you got all that’s needed to give your clients an online, interactive viewing of your 3D design

CAD architects can start using Xuver today

So for all you CAD architects that are looking for a new way to enhance your client’s experience and save yourself some traveling time (and extra costs) in the meantime: you can start today by converting, uploading and sharing your very first design online. Follow the button below to start using Xuver today. 

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