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‘Can I see that?’ How to visualize your design in an effective manner

We live in an increasingly visual age, where we spend multiple hours per day looking at screens. In times like these, it’s only logical that your clients expect a detailed visual design that informs accurately and leaves no room for misunderstanding. But how do you visualize your designs in the most effective way? Below, we go through this with a practical example.

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Involve your client in your architectural choices

When it comes to the modelling process, your clients are only involved in the last stage. Drafts are usually shown when they are almost final but involving your client more and at an earlier stage of modelling certainly has its advantages.

So what is the problem?

Your client is not happy with a wall in the middle of a room and would like to leave that out. However, this wall can’t just be removed for structural safety reasons. You know this, but your client lacks technical knowledge and sees things differently. If you could have shown exactly why this wall needs to stay, or shown another option (like a support beam or a pillar), this misunderstanding could have easily been avoided.

With our viewer, you can quickly involve your client from an earlier stage without having to spend hours on renders.

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How to visualize and communicate efficiently

With Xuver, avoiding those misunderstandings is easier than you think, provided that you use the right visualization tool. The right tool allows your client to visualize your design as if it were already built and includes interactive communication to provide all the information that is needed for a layman to understand a 3D design.

Xuver is a multi-user visualization platform that works inside your web browser and enables you to walk inside a 3D design while communicating with your client through a voice module.

Now you can see how involving your client from an earlier stage can help: If you and your client can walk inside the 3D design with Xuver and give varying options before the later stages of design. While explaining this choice, you could point the laser pointer at the structural points that need to stay reinforced and use the layer function to show pillar, beam or wall. Together with the client, you can now choose the best option for this design.

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More benefits of in-browser visualization

Xuver is the first visualization platform that works completely in the browser, which makes it easy to arrange a virtual meeting with your clients inside the 3D design, which can be made in SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC. Meeting in a virtual world also means that everyone can stay in their own location. This reduces the need to travel for meetings by about 50%, saving valuable time.

But the most important aspect of Xuver is that it solves a dilemma between architects, designers and their clients. Your client has less technical knowledge, so it’s essential to keep them informed about what is possible. With Xuver, you can keep everyone in the loop about the project progress and give them the opportunity to visualize your design process. And you can start today, after a simple signup!

So the next time your client asks ‘Can I see that?’ you can say ‘yes’ and show them around your 3D designs to make them experience space and dimensions of the project.

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