How do you reach optimal civic engagement while conducting an online meeting? In order to make sure everyone who is participating is having the most productive meeting possible, there are a few things you can do. In this blog we’ll gladly share some tips on how you can increase civic engagement in your online meetings.

All too often, organizing an online meeting goes through the familiar, convenient platforms such as Skype, Microsoft meets, Google Hangout or Zoom. Although it’s understandable that these platforms are used because of their familiarity, there are other ways that can be explored. After countless online meetings, your audience can experience feelings of disengagement, demotivation and general fatigue while being in front of yet another screen.

Make your online meeting as fun as one in real life

The solution seems to be so simple: as human beings, we want to feel valued and appreciated. In a great deal, this happens through face-to-face engagement with peers. So in order to create a productive, creative and fun experience online, we ‘just’ have to mimick the virtues of a meeting in the ‘offline world’, right?

XUVER does just that, and much more. Our online platform starts where other communication services end. By providing complete online civic engagement you will increase productivity. So how do we do this? Our way of working can be best explained by an example.

Imagine the following situation:

You and your team are working on a strenous and demanding project that requires a lot of online meetings. As the team leader, you are noticing that lately these meetings haven’t been as energized as they were in the beginning of the project.

So how do you go about solving this issue? Below, we’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of how XUVER can create more civic engagement for you and your team.

1: Meet in a custom and inspiring virtual environment

In XUVER, you can meet your team members in an inspiring, virtual environment that can have the shape of … well, basically anything! An online remake of your office buildings complete with your branding and logos? Or perhaps a stadium, auditorium or cinema to get the creative fuels going. If there’s a SketchUp, Revit or ArchiCAD file available, it can be done.

And even if you don’t have a file ready yet, we can make your idea come true. Or you can customize a few of the ready-made online models and get going in minutes.

2: Invite your team members and wait for their avatars to appear inside the model

Now it’s time to invite your team inside the online meeting space, which is as simple as sending the link to them via e-mail or a messenger service. Your team can access the virtual meeting space after choosing their very own avatar.

That’s right: they are walking around inside the building with a 3D figure! Let them explore inside the building and welcome them via chat, audio or video calling. Atop the avatars’ head, you will see a small video screen popping up which allows for live video calling.

3: Meet, communicate, engage and inspire

When everyone is inside, you can start the meeting by taking the lead in a video chat directed at everyone inside. Your avatar audience is waiting for you to start this meeting, and for that you have several tricks up your sleeve.

On a big screen inside the virtual meeting space, you can show videos, or simply share your screen. Objects inside the space can provide links with useful information, and the video chat function allows for optimal civic engagement by all members of the audience.

Why use XUVER?

XUVER may be best described as a platform that brings warm, offline engagement to the online world. Your audience can log in from anywhere in the world and be amazed by the virtues and civic engagement that this online accessible platform creates for them.

XUVER can be used in many different ways, for example for inspiring lectures, engaging webinars, creative brainstorm sessions or even to sell your products in a fully online retail environment.

We would love to explain to you how XUVER can create maximum civic engagement for you and your audience. In a 30 minute demo, we can go deeper into the benefits of XUVER for your particular purpose. Click on the button below to book your free, 30 minute demo.