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Get in control! How to take your client on a design journey

Bringing your clients up to speed on the modeling progress can be pretty difficult. Not every client has the technical know-how required to fully understand 3D drawings. With Xuver, you take clients on a design journey, which will make it much easier for any client to truly understand your designs. In this blog, we will tell you about some of the different approaches to take your client on a journey inside your designs.

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In order to bring your clients up to speed on the designing process, it is essential for them to get a clear picture of the design in their minds. However, this can be a challenge as most clients have a lack of knowledge of technical 3D drawings. In order to inform a layman, it is quite common to make expensive and time-consuming visualizations. These do the trick, but are not very interactive and only show what you see in the image or short video.

Take future homeowners on a design journey

Wouldn’t it be better if you could take your clients on an interactive journey through your design? Like, really walk them through it as if it were already built? Xuver lets you do just that. With this first in-browser visualization platform you take your clients for a tour inside your design. Show them their future home by walking inside the 3D model with a 3D figure, the avatar. Walking around with the avatar makes even a nontechnical client get a sense of space and dimension. And, not unimportantly: making your clients walk around in their future home is guaranteed a fun and inspiring experience.  

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Bring massive projects to life for commercial clients  

However, Xuver is also for those clients that already do know quite a bit about building and construction. Let’s say you are designing a big industrial complex and your client knows the ropes of 3D drawings, so bringing them up to speed is usually smooth sailing. It’s still useful to use Xuver to show them around the complex, simply because they get a better overview of this massive project. While walking around, everyone can speak using the added voice module. And this all works right inside the web browser, so everyone logs in from their own location.

Get inspired while walking around

Also for these commercial clients, it works perfectly to take them inside and walking with them through the model so they will get a good feeling of the sheer size of the project. In similar ways as the homeowners, these clients will get inspired by the different areas. Which machine has to go where? What are the dimensions and where will they fit best? It can be pointed out with the added laser pointed and measured with the measuring tool. Other features include the option to show and hide layers or the possibility to make cross-section cuts.

Get in control of the modeling process

Besides being a great way for your clients -both commercial and private- to truly imagine your designs, Xuver also gives you back control over your designing process. You will be able to show your designs without traveling back and forth, schedule meetings quickly and efficiently and make design choices easier. And you also control what the client sees. Do you want to show them the full model or first just the outlines and dimensions of the design without many distracting details? It’s all possible. Your model can be made in SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC and is converted and uploaded in moments, after which you simply send the browser link to your clients.

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Take your clients on a journey through your designs today

So whether your client is a complete layman, commercial party or even a fellow architect or designer: Xuver is a valuable tool to bring all different types of clients up to speed. You can start using Xuver by following the button below and inviting your clients for a design journey inside your 3D design today! Xuver is available as a two-week free trial.

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