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For most of its history, great architecture was a sign of great richness and wealth. Many great buildings that are centuries old are either religious, military or have a political function. Luckily today, good architecture is affordable for the average Joe, too.  

So how did we get from these architects only designing for the highest bidder, to where we are now: an open, global market that has plenty of options and interesting architectural opportunities for just about every budget. In that sense the profession of architect is now divided into many very specialized markets. That means essentially that there is a lot of opportunity out there for architects who would like to serve a certain type of client. Do you want to create luxury villas or self-sustainable houses? It’s all possible in today’s architecture market.  

Whats in this article?

  1. A global market
  2. Your clients wants to be involved

1. A global market

Besides that, one of the big differences of architecture clients then and now, is that the internet has turned architecture into a global market. With online technology you can literally design your clients’ new dream apartment from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need to stay in touch are a laptop and an active internet connection. Serving a global market brings about a whole lot of potentially new clients, but it also means that you need to be extra sure to stand out as an architect.  

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2. Your client wants to be involved 

Another thing that can be noticed over the last few years is the clients’ desire to be involved in the architectural process. This is something you can easily answer to as an architect, by using online technology. This will not only result in happy clients, but it will also keep the risk for future misunderstandings low. You are able to tell them how the work progresses and what the implications of a certain design choice will be. But how do you show them without traveling back and forth all the time? 

So if you want to keep your clients happy, keep them involved! In a competing market, it’s always important to make your client’s experience incredibly easy and relatable to their needs. With XUVER, you can show your clients directly what is being designed for them, simply by sending them a browser link! Walk through the designs together and discuss every detail online.  

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