Are you a SketchUp designer? With Xuver, you can upload, publish and share your SketchUp designs in an instant. Invite your clients, fellow 3D designers or friends inside your model to organize a virtual meeting.

A platform designed for the SketchUp community

In the 3D designing world, the SketchUp community is a large and very diverse group of dedicated 3D designers, that share a passion for sharing designs and knowledge and helping the community out with tips and tricks. The 3D Warehouse with all its creative designs shows that desire to create and share with like-minded SketchUp designers from all over the world. How cool would it be if your SketchUp can be made available online, as a virtual world in which everyone can walk around as they please? 

Walk inside your very own SketchUp design… with others!

Enter Xuver, the world’s first in-browser visualization tool for SketchUp designs. This tool works in moments. Are you a yacht designer that wants to be able to show a design to potential clients before it even enters the drydocks? Or perhaps you are designing real estate and would like to show the homeowners where they will live in the near future? Well, that can be done with a few simple mouse clicks.

You can invite your clients by sending them the browser link into your design. After receiving the link, your client can log in from their own location and walk through the design with their own 3D figure, the avatar. The avatar gives a sense of scale and dimension so that everyone involved can get a clear sense of the design. 

Explore the interactive features

While you walk your clients through the SketchUp design, it’s time to explore the added features that make Xuver a truly interactive viewing platform. With the added voice module you can live talk and answer all the questions your clients have about their new yacht, apartment or luxurious villa.

Then there is the laser pointer, with which you point at anything that requires special attention. Does the meeting need to focus on the teak deck? Or the size of the bedroom windows of an apartment needs to be discussed? Point out these details for your clients, and tell them what they need to know in order to make quick and efficient decisions. 

How to get your SketchUp model online

The only thing you need to do is convert your SKP file into our own xuver (.xr) file format. This is done in an instant, by using the SketchUp extension. You can find the SketchUp extension in the Extension Warehouse, or in the Xuver Backend System. Xuver is available for both Windows and Mac OS. After converting your file, you upload it into your Xuver portal set the avatar starting point and voila, you have just published your first SketchUp model online. 

Start today! 

The situation mentioned above is just one of the many examples that Xuver can be used for. This versatile platform can be used to show your design to clients, colleagues and peers or friends, as an online portfolio on your website or a virtual viewing tool. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and we would love to see what uses the creative SketchUp community comes up with! So sign up in a minute and see for yourself how Xuver helps you to get your SketchUp models online!