In this series of blog articles, we will put the spotlight on features and dedicate a blog to a single feature. We will explain how to use this feature in the architectural process and hope to give you some new ideas on how you can put that feature to use.

In this article, we discuss Xuver’s Cut plane feature. This feature allows you to cut planes in your design, showing it to your clients from all different angles.

Cut planes horizontally, vertically and diagonally

So when and how do you use this option inside Xuver? Here’s an example: you are walking around inside the 3D design of a future apartment block with your client, a real estate development company. The apartment block has several levels, but your virtual meeting is just about the lower level. In that way, you can ‘cut off’ the rest of the building by using the section cut feature. This will make sure that floor that needs special attention can be viewed from all different angles, without anything being in the way.

Help your client visualize your design better

Besides this horizontal cut, you can cut planes at will: vertically or at any desired diagonal degree. This brings about lots of different opportunities to show your design to your clients. Removing that front side will literally open up your design and show how the exterior aligns with the exterior. Which room ends where, and which outside window belongs to the kitchen? A good plane cut makes all the difference for your client envision your design a little better.

Use plane cuts to inform colleagues or fellow designers

The plane cut feature is particularly useful when you are showing your 3D designs to your colleagues or fellow designers. Do you want some quick feedback on your design from some peers? With Xuver, you can convert and upload your model in minutes. A professional crowd most definitely wants to view your design from all possible angles and without interference. The cut plane option makes that possible, so you are guaranteed to have a productive virtual meeting inside the 3D design.

Get started!

Are you excited? In just a few minutes you could have your first virtual meeting and start making plane cuts. Sign up now and see how you can use Xuver in your projects. Start inviting your clients, stakeholders, colleagues or friends inside your models today and experience the future of visualization!