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How to keep customers satisfied with Xuver’s online viewer

Showing your 3D designs to your clients requires some planning in advance. Renders need to be made and meetings scheduled because the client doesn’t have the required software to view your models. But sometimes, your client wants to see your design quickly. How do you handle and provide this customer satisfaction?

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In a time where we can get everything online in a few mouse clicks, it is only logical that this instant gratification is transferred to the architectural world too. This brings about fresh challenges for you. Because how are you going to provide in this demand and show your designs instantly to your client?

Instead of going through all kinds of hoops and hurdles, such as having your client download free versions of your designing software (e.g. SketchUp Make) in order to be able to view your file formats, there is an easier solution.

Manage instant satisfaction with Xuver

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your 3D models simply by sending a link to your clients, after which they can walk through the design in their own web browser? That is what Xuver is all about. This is the world’s first multi-user viewing platform that works inside the browser, which makes sure your clients receive your 3D model as you intended it to look. After inviting your clients, they appear inside the model with their own easily navigable 3D figure, the avatar. The avatars give them a sense of dimension and scale, so even the biggest layman will understand what the object will eventually look like.

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Provide a complete communication service

Xuver has been created as a tool to make every client understand your designs and provide a way to view your designs directly. Does your client demand instant satisfaction? Well good! Because this can now be achieved easily. However, there is more: because besides just showing your design, Xuver is also a communication tool.

There is a voice module that allows you to speak inside the model with everyone inside and a laser pointer that can be used to point at, well… anything that requires some extra attention. These added features make sure communication inside the in-browser visualization of your design will be smooth sailing.

Benefits for you, the architect

Your clients will get a clear view of your 3D design, regardless of their level of technical skill. But what’s in it for you, the architect or designer? Well, first of all, you can cut your travelling times up to 50%, as you are now meeting your clients from the comforts of your own office or home.

Meetings can easily be scheduled and design decisions can be made faster without waiting for a scheduled appointment on site. You can also show your clients different scenarios of a design. What does different roofing look like? What’s the difference between a bigger or smaller window? The implications of different design options become crystal clear to all parties involved in the process.

Instantly satisfied!

The modern client demands instant satisfaction. With Xuver, you can provide that for them, and much more. Your designs become online visible, shareable and (for your clients) understandable in an instant. Xuver works with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC files. Would you like to learn more about Xuver? Check out our website or follow the button below to start your two-week free trial.

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