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How online design visualization will create new opportunities for your career

As a 3D designer, keeping up with the latest developments should be an important part of your work. New developments in online design visualization can open doors to new clients and unexplored markets. Let’s have a look at the interesting opportunities of design visualization in this blog. 

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Why should you use design visualization techniques?

Let’s face it: your client spends about as much time in front of a computer screen as you do. However, they are generally not as familiar with technical drawings as you are. So this makes it often hard to explain your designs. By using online design visualization you can avoid this and use the client’s familiarity with 3D techniques to your advantage. Turn your 3D design into an interactive, online design visualization that will show what your design will look like as if it was already built. Your client will feel much more involved in the 3D designing process. 

Online design visualization connects you to the modern client

Besides the extra client involvement, using online design visualization techniques are seen as the norm. Your client is tech-savvy and used to having everything online available within a few mouse clicks. They expect an online treatment that is -at the very least- up to par with modern standards. So besides merely using online visualization to inform your clients, it’s also a great way to create a connection with your clients. Professionality and top-notch communication go a long way. The idea behind online design visualization as a service towards your clients is simple: communicating in an involving manner will make your client feel valued and appreciated. 

So what’s in it for you, the 3D designing professional?

Not only your client benefits from using the latest online design visualization. Also for you, the 3D designer, it has some serious advantages. First of all, you will be able to show clients all around the world your designs. If you would use Xuver as your online design visualization platform, no one would need to leave their own location. Simply send your clients the browser link to your design and within moments, they can walk inside your model, together with you. Imagine the traveling time this saves you! Current Xuver users cut their traveling times in half. 

Design visualization by Xuver will simplify your professional life
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Get quicker approval on design choices

What works for a client on the other side of the world, also does the trick for the ones that are close by. You will be able to show your design in all different phases, which makes it easier to get a quick okay from your client. Say for example, the size of a garage door needs to be discussed. With Xuver, you can show different types and sizes to your client and make them choose. What would normally take quite long (meetings on location have to be scheduled), can now quickly be done online. An efficient way of working! 

Start your design visualization journey today

So there you have it: both you and your client will benefit significantly from using online design visualization. With Xuver, you can start this exciting journey today. Simply sign up via the button below and invite your first clients. Xuver works with SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC file formats. Within moments, you can take your first client on an interactive journey through your designs. 

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