Showing a fully detailed 3D design in Xuver’s model viewer can be a great eye-opening experience for your client. On the other hand, it can distract from the true dimensions of your design, especially when your client is a layman. Why not show them a digital model that focuses on dimensions instead of one with too many details that can only be distracting?

The power of showing a stripped-down model

You might think showing your design in a 3D model viewer when it’s not fully finished is a bit early. You might even think it’s not at all useful to show only the outlines and dimensions. That vision has some logic to it, but it can still be useful to view a dimension-only model with your client. Here’s why:

  • When you show your completed, fully furnished design of a new villa in a 3D model viewer, your client can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of details you are showing them. This limits the effectiveness of your meeting. Less is more in this case, and showing an unfurnished, scarcely detailed design will eliminate distractions and provide more clarity.
  • Sometimes you just want to meet inside the model viewer and get to know what the client thinks of your initial design and get some quick feedback on a certain part of it. How does the client feel about your design choices? You can also show them several options, by using the layer function. Show and hide interior walls, or test out several types of windows.
  • If you choose to involve your client from an earlier phase in the 3D model viewer, you will also see that you can solve issues as they arise. Your client is most likely not familiar with structural necessities like pillars and retaining walls. Showing and explaining in an earlier stage of the modelling process why these components need to be there – indeed, to keep the place from falling apart – will prevent these discussions in a later phase.

Get a clear focus on dimensions with Xuver

Xuver is an excellent 3D model viewer to show your client all stages of your design. This is the first online model viewer. You invite your clients and after receiving the link everyone will log in from their own location. Once everyone is inside the model viewer, they can easily walk around with their own 3D figure, the avatar. The avatar makes everyone experience the true scale and dimensions. So whether you are designing a new house for a client, or a complete apartment block: using Xuver as your online model viewer will definitely bring clarity.

Start using Xuver as your online model viewer

Register now and start using Xuver’s viewer straight away! This online model viewer works for every stage of your modelling process. Try it out: send a stripped down version of your design to a client and make them experience dimensions and space. At a later stage, you can always give them a detailed version. Follow the button below to sign up!