Want to explain your 3D design in the best way possible with minimal fuss? In fact, very often they are laymen and have little to no experience with a technical 3D drawing. So how do you make sure those clients don’t just see your design, but truly understand what is going to be created.

The alternative to rendering

Rendering is a lengthy process. The lack of technical knowledge from clients requires you to create renders that show your 3D model in detail. And as we all know, creating renders is a costly process, both in the time it takes to create them and in added costs to the project. And while renders are a great way to visualize your design, they sometimes just don’t cut it. What if you want to show your 3D design quickly, or show several different design options after which decisions can be made? In that case, other options have to be explored.

Tough logistics

Besides the dilemma of whether or not to render,  there are the logistical struggles. Let’s say you are designing that new house for a young couple. Exciting times and both you and your clients are willing to put time and effort into being involved in the modeling process. However, it is hard to find a gap in busy work itineraries to schedule meetings and bring future homeowners up to speed. This means considerable time is spent traveling back and forth or waiting for meetings, which delays decision making.

The solution: Interactive visualization

A solution can be found in using Xuver, the world’s first in-browser visualization tool. This enables you to explain your 3D design while walking around your model. As the couple you are designing for is not at all familiar with architectural drawings, it is of the essence that they will get a good sense of space and dimension. In Xuver, they walk around inside the model with an avatar, a 3D figure that is easily navigable. This avatar puts everything in perspective for them as if it were a real-life viewing.

Make quick decisions

Xuver also solves the logistical dilemma, as you can invite your clients to meet you inside the model, each from their own location. This cuts your travelling time by about 50%, saving all parties precious time. Decisions can be made quicker, as you can show them different design options inside the model. An interior wall can be hidden or a different roof design tried out. The result is an efficient way of working: you show your clients what’s possible, together you make a decision, after which you go on with your modelling work.

Make your clients experience their future home

Especially for those clients that have limited spatial insight, Xuver is a great platform to create clarity and make them truly understand what the project is going to look like. Show your clients what’s yet to be built and let them walk around inside the model. Besides making the model tangible for them, this approach will for sure reach enthusiastic responses. After all, it’s their future home that can be experienced as if it were already built!

Start using Xuver today

You can invite the first clients inside the in-browser visualization today. Xuver works with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC files. Would you like to learn more about Xuver? Check out our website or follow the button below to start your two-week free trial.