About Xuver:

Visualization technology is our specialty. As a unique IT company, we are always on the lookout for new ways to make your 3D presentations even better. Our technology creates an unprecedented visualization from the 3D source that was provided by you. With our especially for this goal developed web based viewer you can now share, manage and show your design to your clients in an unprecedentedly efficient way. Your visualization is viewable from your own browser. This unique viewer, in cooperation with our rapid convert and your 3D sketch, brings all your designs to life.
A great variety of users can find a good use for this tool. A good example is an architect who wants to share a design with everyone involved in the construction process. But also project developers, contractors, interior designers, garden designers or even asset managers. From professional to hobbyist: this tool was created with a broad group of users in mind.
No, this is not necessary. Our user-friendly viewer has been designed to be used by everyone without the need for special training.
One of the most important advantages of this unique tool is its user-friendliness and the unprecedented ease with which the interactive 3D model van be viewed. You can easily share the model, simply by sending a secure HTML link to your clients. In this manner, your interactive model can easily be viewed from your own location and your own browser. Another important advantage is the large variety of different file formats that we can convert rapidly into an interactive, virtual model.
Your financial gain by using this viewer mostly shows itself in the time that it saves you. As you undoubtedly know: time is money. Architects and designers no longer have to visit the client personally to explain a model or make time-consuming visualizations. The client, who might not have the same technical know-how as you do, can see directly what a model will look like. You can -quite literally- walk all parties involved through the design while explaining the model at the same time through our built-in speaking module.
This viewer works directly in your browser. For a long time this was impossible, which made programs to view 3D models require a powerful computer. But through the efforts of our driven team we managed to optimally maintain quality of the 3D model, as well as a quick performance.
With our multi-user technique you can see other visitors in the model walking around with their avatars. By using the built-in speaking module you can talk to these people in the viewer. You can also point out details in the design, highlight objects or remove and re-add layers. All of this adds to the clarification of the design for everyone present in the model.
You can easily share a 3D model by sending the secure HTML link, for example in an e-mail. Everyone who receives the link can now view the model from their own location and browser.
Our partner is able to make a 3D avatar scan, which enables the digitalized version of you to walk around in our viewer.
Not yet, but the mobile version of the Xuver viewer will be launched in the short term. Our 3D web-based viewer will become available for mobile devices running on Android and iOS. This will make it possible to view the virtual model on a smartphone or tablet. In our mobile version you can walk through your designs and 3D files by using virtual reality. Xuver makes this unique VR experience possible with our mobile 3D viewer. The only thing you need is a VR Cardboard.
Yes, Xuver offers the possibility to try our unique tool out for two weeks.


Xuver plug-ins:

We have created free plug-ins for the following sketching programs: Archicad and Revit. For IFC and Sketchup we use a converter.
The plug-ins can be downloaded for free through our website. Follow the installation steps and use the plug-in in the sketch program used by you. In case your file format requires a converter, you can simply upload your file into the converter. After this the file will be converted into a Xuver (.xr) file.
All our plug-ins can be downloaded for free and are easily and rapidly downloadable.
Our plug-ins work from the sketching program that was used by you. After installation, you will receive a notification that a new plug-in was installed, after which you can start working. The converter is a separate program that can be used after installation. Both the plug-in and the converter serve the same use: converting the file of your 3D model into a Xuver (.xr)-file, that can be used by our Backend System to be turned into an interactive 3D model.
Yes, in order to make our web based viewer as broadly available as possible, we want to offer a solution for as many 3D file formats as possible. Is your file format not (yet) available? Inform about the possibilities.
This is possible. As an extra service, Xuver will turn this first into a 3D version. With this version, we can make our interactive 3D model.


Xuver technical specifications:

Our technique is based upon WebGL, which is an open standard for specifying 3D computer graphics in web pages. This techniques makes it possible to show 3D computer graphics without downloading special plug-ins for the web browser. This makes hardware acceleration possible, provided the computer has a graphics card. Xuver has developed a viewer based on WebGL 1.0 and WebGL 2.0. WebGL 2.0 especially requires recent hardware. In case our viewer does not open or there are problems you can do the following test: go to www.webglreport.com and see if your PC or laptop is able to process WebGL.
Operating systems are: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.6 or higher, Linux and Chrome OS.
Our viewer works best in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. The best results you will get from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. At the moment, our multi-user system only runs in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Yes, a video card is required in order to use our viewer. The better your video card, the faster your performance. In our manuals you can read you certain settings can be changed by using an extra video card.
A company network must possess video cards. Besides that, very closed company networks can sometimes not work. We can inform your network manager to make some adjustments. In that case you can contact us.


Xuver modelling tips:

While converting your file, we compress your files to about ten percent of the original file size. In order to open the model into the browser, the file needs to be unpacked first. Extremely large files can sometimes cause issues with your browser. We are working on certain techniques to overcome this and make sure your browser does as required. In case you have problems with files that are too large, we would like to help you investigate where the limit lies.
In order to walk through the interior of a model, you will have to make sure all doors in the original model are open. We are working towards a solution that will rule this requirement out for the future.
Yes, all layers are active in the viewer and can be activated and deactivated at will.


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