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XUVER is a unique way to communicate! Create your own virtual space and enter it in just 1 click on a simple URL link, too much work? Embed your space on a website or landing page! Bring clients, customers, colleagues or followers together with online virtual meetings for everyone!

XUVER Features

XUVER is a unique way to communicate

1. Virtual space in 1 minute

XUVER works with any SketchUp, Archicad and revit 3D model. With the plugins for these softwares you turn the model into a XUVER file in about 1 minute. Follow the 4 step wizard and turn it into your own virtual space!

2. 100% browser based

XUVER runs on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. No installation required!

3. Spatial audio

Your space has automatic settings where anyone can hear each other. If you want to be heard, turn on the microphone and start a conversation. Whenever a lot of people are in the space the owner can always mute and unmute others

4. Audio and Video calls

XUVER has it’s own communication suite where you collaborate with all the people in the space. Choose whether you want to use chat, audio or video calls. Rather seperate from the group, use the private mode for your side meetings.

5. Chat

Use the general chat tot talk to everyone or create a group or one on one conversation.

6. Share Screen

Project your screen in your virtual space to show your presentation, a video or supporting information

7. Game-like experience

Choose an avatar from our avatar library and walk around. Other people in the space will see you as your avatar as well as your name over the head and see if you are ready for a conversation.

8. Embed spaces

XUVER has it’s own communication suite where you collaborate with all the people in the space. Choose whether you want to use chat, audio or video calls. Rather seperate from the group, use the private mode for your side meetings.

9. Control your space

Control the access to your space by managing the access from your personal portal. Allow public access or restrict access to only invited people from a special visitor account.

10. Notifications

An easy way to see who’s been in the space or needs your help.

11. Edit your space

Use the editor to change colors, reflections and light settings. Add a cool environment with 360 images or apply a simple color.

12. Request tour

Nobody there? No representative present? The request tour button gives you a notification so you know somebody is waiting for your service

13. Follow me

Take control over the space with the follow me button. This works great to show someone around or guide them to a specific location with information or products.

14. Notes

Leave notes for later. Whenever someone leaves you a note you get a notification that a new note is available.

15. Multiple startpoints

Create an easy way to navigate through you space by pre-setting different locations to start moving with you avatar. A great way to highlight locations or centralize meeting places for you audience. Also good to show products, sponsors or information. Every location can be named and changed at any time.

16. Drop Avatar

Drop your avatar at any location in the space an cointinue your journey from that location.

17. Camera Views

There are 3 options to experience a space. In avatar view, a 3rd person view with your avatar. Eye view, here you see the space through the eyes of you avatar. Fly through, this is a bird view where you can fly around the space in anyway you please.

18. Laser Pointer

How do you point something out in a virtual space? Exactly with our laserpointer. The laserpointer draws a simple line and follows your mouse and is visible for all the people in the space. This ishow you point out the exact detail, object or information in your space.

19. Layers

Layers are created in the 3D model and automatically transferred into XUVER. This way you can combine different parts of a space and show and hide objects or parts as you go. This is great for different scenario’s but als to show and hide a stage, banner, booth or change a virtuals store as you are in it!

20. Tags

Link to any given location on the internet by attaching tags to objects in your virtual space. There is room for a name an a description. Tags can also be added while there are people in your space, ones saved they will be visible for all. Great for a virtual waiting room, website launch or virtual lounge for downloading whitepapers and presentations

Let us show you around!

Would you like to have spontaneous meetups in an online space and bring back the personal conversation online and engage with people? Schedule a meeting for a demo and we are happy to show how our customers are successful with their virtual spaces.

What clients say about XUVER

Gavin CrumpFounder Aussie BIM Guru

I highly recommend Xuver for any BIM professional looking to get the most out of their BIM model from a communication perspective, there isn’t anything else out there right now I’ve seen that marries ease of use so well with model viewing.

Nick MatulessyFounder Architect Direct

“Using XUVER helps us agree on a finalized design faster. Since we started using XUVER, we save on average 30 percent in time per project. That means we can take on more projects and make more clients happy with a professional architectural design for their home.”

Alex RamsdenFounder of Collabed Construction

Xuver allows you to use the maximum potential of a 3D model and allows your clients to view their projects in 3D on a web browser. What sets Xuver apart however is the ability for both the Architect and the client to enter the 3D model as an avatar, walk around their design and discuss thoughts and opinions live whilst viewing their design.

Rick smetsFounder Rick Smets Architect

By walking through the design in XUVER, you will notice instantly that your clients quickly understand what you mean. So by using XUVER, you are always two steps ahead, compared to ‘merely’ showing a 3D sketch to your client.”

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Trusted across the world

With more than 10.000 users across the globe XUVER is the trusted solution to host virtual meetings, events, virtual clubhouses and just for fun!