You might think an interactive visualization tool such as Xuver is only used to show clients your designs. But Xuver is also an excellent tool to provide valuable feedback on your fellow architects designs and can be used as a handy tool between colleagues.

Sometimes your colleagues or fellow architects need a pair of trained eyes to look over their 3D design before sending it out to the client. If multiple people see the design, other insights can be obtained and errors that have been overlooked by the designer can be spotted and corrected.

Normally you would just sit down at their desk and check out their 3D drawing, but with Xuver that is no longer needed. As Xuver works within the browser, it is no longer needed to be physically present in the same room to view your colleagues’ design. You just need the browser link and you can enter from wherever you are at that moment.

Connecting architects and 3D designers worldwide

This easy, worldwide access also provides a great opportunity to share designs with befriended architects and designers. Any old mates from university or former colleagues that now live abroad? With Xuver one can show a design just as easily to someone across the world as to someone sitting in the same building. Showing a design to someone from a completely different country and architectural background will also lead to new inspirations and creative designs.

Take a journey through your colleagues’ design…

Let’s say you have been very busy designing a new shopping mall. With Xuver, you can walk your colleagues through your design and view the mall as if it was already built. This viewer uses a 3D figure, the avatar to create a sense of space and dimension.

Your colleagues will get a clear view of your model right away. While you are walking with your colleagues through a 3D design, you can communicate live with them using the voice module. A laser pointer can be used to point at what is being talked about at that moment so no one loses track. These features are sure to bring your architects designs to life and make it easier and more effective to gain feedback on your models.

..And provide the feedback they need

But those functions are not all. While walking through the model, layers can be shown and hidden at will. This is an excellent feature to test out different design scenarios in the new shopping mall. Should there be single or double escalators? How big is the food court going to be? With the layer feature, these different scenarios can be created and shown to you. In the meantime, you can give your colleague the feedback they need through the voice module.

Start using Xuver

Would you like to start using Xuver today? You can sign up quickly and start sending your 3D designs to your colleagues for feedback. Or get your colleagues to sign up and review their creations! Everything is possible: Xuver works with file sources of SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC. Follow the button below to sign up for the two-week free trial.