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A free 3D viewer that works within your browser

Are you looking for a free 3D viewer? In that case, Xuver has the right solution for you. We developed a viewer that is easy to use and works entirely from within your own browser. For a test period of two weeks this is also a free 3D viewer. Register now to try this unique tool out.

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More than a free 3D viewer

However, this online viewer is more than ‘just’ a free 3D viewer. It is a unique tool. For a long time it seemed to be impossible to create a viewer that works from within the browser. That means: without the need to install heavy and costly software to show your designs to others. With this online viewer it becomes very easy to show all your 3D designs to others. Convince yourself, and test this free 3D viewer by Xuver for two weeks.

An interactive online viewer

But there are more advantages that come with using this handy tool. With this viewer, you are now also able to view a design or model, without the need to leave your own location for it. Invite other interested parties simply by sending them the secure HTML link, after which everyone involved can walk through the model and discuss it in detail with the built-in speaking module. You can also point out details with the added laser pointer. it does not get closer to a real-life viewing! Furthermore, everyone involved can use this handy tool without the need for extra training.

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This versatile viewer can be tested for free for a period of two weeks. During this time, you can see for yourself how this handy tool can work for you. Interactivity and user friendliness are the most important aspects of this online 3D viewer. Register via our website and test the free 3D viewer for two weeks.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to learn more about this free 3D viewer? In that case, you can always contact us for a personal demonstration. Our driven team of programmers has worked for years to put this unique product out in the market. Let yourself be amazed by a 3D viewing experience that was formerly impossible via the browser. Feel free to reach out to the Xuver team! Have a look at our FAQ for some more information.

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